Dear Editor, 

I am very dissatisfied at the choice of candidates we have for governor this fall. There are many Virginians who don’t trust Glenn Youngkin for governor and believe he is a RINO. I am one of those people. Therefore, I am imploring the help of as many people as possible to write in Amanda Chase’s name for governor this fall. 

Amanda Chase was ousted by the Richmond elites simply for attending the January 6 Capitol rally, for supporting Donald Trump and the America First agenda, and for speaking out about election fraud, which others are afraid or refuse to address. Without correcting the fraudulent election of 2020, there will never be another fair election. I am working to spread the word everywhere I can. We need the patriotic leadership of Amanda Chase. 

There are those who disagree with me because they think that splitting the Republican vote will give the election to McAuliffe. However, there are so many Democrats who are tired of party politics as well, that they will not be voting for McAuliffe either, as he is an extension of the O’biden party. The Richmond establishment played their party politics game, canceled our primary, and left us with no other choice. 

I believe with all my heart that we can get Republicans and Democrats both onboard to write in Amanda Chase’s name. We need to show the Richmond elites that they don’t control us. They work for us. We are the ones who decide who our next governor will be, not they. 

Please write in Amanda Chase for governor this fall. She is not afraid of the establishment. She stands up to them! 

Kathryn Bravo

Chesapeake, VA

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THANK YOU! We got robbed of our chance to nominate our candidate of choice in a RIGGED convention! I've been on the Chase train for a while, and my wife and neighbors are onboard now too. We will NOT be told who too vote for! Every conservative needs to write in Amanda Chase. Kick out the RINOs!

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