Dear Editor,

How forward thinking it is to have a plan for educating our children based on age appropriate materials, beginning with children’s communities and progressing to the place of the United States in the world. This history SOLs are well thought-out, planned, and fact-based. 

More than anything, what parents expect of their schools is that children be taught to think, analyze, and make decisions based on a solid foundation of facts. The Standards of Learning provide that in a sequential way, according to what really happened. I like the little changes that have been made to address black history more, and focus on outstanding men and women who made a difference in history, including science, math, and technology. People who make and change history are good role models. Certainly the adoption of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which began our country, should be a focus for a proper understanding of our history. 

What we do not want is indoctrination. That does not lead to productive and solution-oriented learning. We do want our students to argue and debate in a constructive way over historical and societal issues, and use all facts to develop a wider view of the world and contribute to the future in meaningful ways. They can only act on a level playing field if they all have the same foundation of learning and the same information. Don’t we want children to think before they react; view history as a teaching tool; and become contributing members of their communities, states, and country? 

I do, and as an historian, I can weep over mistakes made in the past, but I can only change the future with a solid foundation of  knowledge. History is history -- we can’t change it or any past actions.-- only learn from it.


Valerie Waddelove, MA (History), MEd.

Parent of 4 Westbriar, Kilmer, Cooper, and Marshall graduates


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Why would we not want real Standards of Learning? How else are we to measure real success or failure? Parents need to have agreed upon standards to gage their children's progress.

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