87,000 new IRS agents.

That’s Gerry Connolly’s and the Democrats’ response to inflation and astronomical gas prices.

Not cutting regulations to encourage American energy production and refining capacity to bring down gas prices and insulate the United States from having to beg Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for more oil.

Not cutting government spending, even though the $1.9 trillion in spending under Joe Biden’s March 2021 American Recovery Act touched off the worst inflation crisis since the last days of disco.

No, what Gerry Connolly and the Democrats think will lower your food bill, gas bill, home heating bill, and rent are 87,000 new IRS agents poking around your tax returns.

Connolly tweeted this to celebrate the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act:

“The largest investment we’ve ever made to save our planet from climate change.  Lower prescription drug prices for millions of Americans.  All paid for by finally making corporations chip in their fair share.”

How will spending $369 billion on the “green economy” lower your food or electricity bill?  The wealthy get a tax break to buy $80,000 Teslas, and your rent and food prices remain as high as ever.

How does making corporations “pay their fair share” reduce inflation?  Corporations will inevitably pass these tax increases to us consumers in the form of higher prices.  Just what 11th District voters can least afford.  

The 15 percent corporate minimum tax the Inflation Reduction Act imposes will lead to lower wages and weaker 401(k) returns for employees.  Inflation up, wages stagnating.  Set it to a Bee Gees soundtrack and you’ve got the most realistic 1970s retrospective since Dazed and Confused. 

And how does having 87,000 more IRS agents snooping around your tax returns lower your cost of living?  Think they will limit themselves to auditing the wealthy?  Don’t hold your breath.

Frankly, calling this bill the “Inflation Reduction Act” is an insult to the intelligence of the voters of the 11th District.  Gerry Connolly and the Democrats think they can slap “Inflation Reduction Act” on a tax increase and Green New Deal giveaway to well-connected green energy companies (Solyndra, anyone?) and voters will believe all this Democrat wish-list spending somehow will reduce inflation.  Just like they try to redefine “recession” and hope we won’t notice.  (And just wait until they get around to defining who they consider “wealthy”.)

But voters know better.  Consumer confidence is way down, prices are way up, baby formula and other staples are in short supply, and families are cutting back.  And all of this has taken place with Democrats in full control of Congress and the presidency.      

While our pocketbooks burn, Gerry Connolly, our local Nero, fiddles with climate change.  While our small businesses are still recovering from the pandemic, Connolly hires 87,000 more IRS agents he can sic on them—and you.  Enough is enough.  If we want to recover from our 1970s economy the way we did the first time, we need to elect pro-growth candidates, reduce burdensome regulations, and let American energy and business owners flourish once again.

Michale E. Ginsberg is the chairman of the 11th Congressional District Committee for the Republican Party of Virginia.


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