Azure Wolf

Azure Wolf will play outdoor concert 

Azure Wolf is a female-lead indie rock band that formed earlier this year in Winchester, Va., though the musicians involved have been playing around the area for years.

The band consists of Victoria Backle on lead vocals, Isaac Foltz on guitar, Tommy Moore on drums and Alexandria’s Sean Spencer on bass and synth. 

“A little over a year ago, I was just a solo project and Tommy was in another band, and we both ended up playing the same Open Mic night,” Backle said. “We decided to try together and got Isaac and Sean on board, and it all just quickly fell into place.”

Earlier this year, the band performed in numerous venues in Washington, D.C., including the famous Black Cat, The Pie Shop and O’Shaughnessy’s. During the Australian bush fires in February, the band put together a benefit concert that included themselves and three other D.C.-based bands to raise money for the efforts to fight the fires. They raised a total of $1,200 during the three-hour show.

“We had a whole summer lined up, with about a dozen shows cancelled, so we were really disappointed,” Backle said. “In the long run, it might have benefited us because we wouldn’t have been able to write all the new songs that we have if we were just focusing on our live performance. COVID sucks but it gave us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and really discover our sound.”

Although the pandemic has kept the band at bay for most of the past few months, they have managed to play a few outdoor concerts and will be coming to the State Theatre on Oct. 17 for free outdoor event.

“We’ve had a couple of livestream concerts as well, trying to stay busy in creative ways,” Backle said. “This is really our real first concert back and we’re super excited to have a real crowd.”

On the night, the band will play a few new songs that it hasn’t played live yet, and feel it is going to offer something different to those who may have seen them early on in their existence.

“We’ve been working on our stage performance and interacting with the audience and getting them involved, and we’re real excited to bring some new stuff and energy, and just have people to enjoy live music with again,” Backle said. “We will have some singles that have already been released and then some that will be going on our new album.”

You see, Azure Wolf used some of its downtime this summer recording their debut album, “Sin and Sand,” which was recorded at Poetown Music in Strasburg.

“It took a few months but we’re all really happy with it,” Backle said. “COVID pushed it along. We were writing like crazy and didn’t have a lot of shows to play, so we just focused on finishing this. We didn’t plan on putting an album out until 2022, but now we’ll have this out early 2021.” 

As an English major in college, Backle noted she’s always been a writer and find inspiration for her songs from a “deep place of hurt.” 

“It’s the way that I process things and words just come to me when I’m sitting down, playing my guitar. I don’t usually have control of what comes out—I’m just a conduit if you will,” Backle said. “I’ve been writing all my life and this last year it has come out in a lyrical way. This year has given me a chance to use my writing to connect with people and their hurt.” 

Since touring isn’t an option right now, Azure Wolf is trying to stay busy on social media and will continue to do livestreams and outdoor events when they become available.

“With our livestream events, we try to get other local musicians involved because we know so many bands who are trying to get onto these livestreams and we want to give the community a way to hear great music and stay safe,” Backle said. “We really appreciate the love and support we’ve seen and hopefully we will continue to bring it!”

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