Dear Editor, 

My generation is facing an unstable future. Wages are low, college tuition is unaffordable, and the cost of living is rapidly increasing, all while the climate emergency threatens our environment, infrastructure, and the health of our communities.

These crises will not be felt equally. Young people of color, like me, are always harmed the most by social and economic failures. However, we can reverse these trends. Equity-focused policies, like the Virginia Green New Deal, paid sick leave, and a repeal of Right to Work, can ensure that everyone in our Commonwealth has an equal opportunity to succeed.

To achieve these changes, we need a strong Lieutenant Governor who can push our timid Virginia State Senate in a bold direction. Sean Perryman is the perfect candidate for the job. A former president of the Fairfax NAACP, Sean knows how to pressure our elected officials to get progressive things done. He has fought for change for years, pushing for criminal justice reform, affordable housing, voting rights, and census representation. He even led the successful campaign to rename Robert E. Lee High School so that no student has to attend a school named after someone who fought to enslave them.

On June 8th, the Democratic primary offers us the opportunity to shape our Commonwealth’s future. I urge you to consider my generation and vote for Sean Perryman for Lt. Governor of Virginia, to create an equitable future for all.

Aaryan Rawal

Centreville, VA

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