A dental amalgam is a filling used by your dentist to cover tooth decay and is usually silver in color. It is typically a mixture of metals that include mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Many people choose it because it is economical and is durable. 

Because of their silver visible content, amalgam fillings have been called “silver fillings.” And though it is popularly used, one can always find certain concerns about its usage. 

What are the advantages of amalgam Ffillings?

Made to be durable 

Because amalgam fillings are made of metals they are very strong. This durable filling has been known to to last around eight to 10 years. 

Resists cavities 

It has been observed that the edges of the tooth next to the fillings become more resistant to cavities. This is because the corrosion layer around the metal filling makes it hard for bacteria to survive around it.

Costs Less 

Many people choose amalgam fillings over other fillings because they are more affordable. Amalgam fillings are less technique sensitive and easier/quicker to place. This is an option if you want to cover tooth decay while spending the least amount lot of money. 

What are the disadvantages of qmalgam fillings?

Discolors over time 

Usually, amalgam fillings have silver which gets darker as time passes, hence staining the teeth. This is one of the prime reasons why it is usually used to fill cavities in teeth at the back of the mouth. 

Makes Teeth Feel Sensitive 

Many people complained about their teeth feeling sensitive after having amalgam fillings placed. Though there is no proper reason for this, scientists suggest that it might be the metal filling reacting to the varying temperatures in the mouth.

Weakens the tooth 

One of the major drawbacks of amalgam fillings is that the tooth tends to become weaker after an amalgam filling is done. This is because more tooth structure needs to be taken away to place these fillings, damaging or weakening the  remaining tooth. 

Health concerns

On September 24, 2020, the FDA issued recommendations for certain groups regarding mercury-containing dental amalgams.

Dental amalgams are a solution to various dental problems like tooth cavities and decay, but because of their disadvantages, make sure you discuss your treatment options and their pros and cons with your dentist before getting one. 

Want to learn more about amalgam fillings? Call Natural Smiles Dental Center at (703) 595-4405 or schedule an appointment online. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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