Disease in its proximity can travel throughout various parts of the body according to many traditional systems of medicine. Generally, in modern times, disease is viewed as a condition which is usually bound within a set of symptoms without a hierarchy or an established pattern. The skin, while on the most exterior part of the body, can help us understand a relationship which exists inherently with the body’s mechanism towards health. To understand this hierarchy, we need to consider the natural system of the body’s ability to heal. Without establishing the laws of natural phenomenon, it is not possible to understand health from a holistic point of view. 

The human body has an ability to push what is unwanted out to the surface. This ability is naturally recognized by the body unless it is disturbed through outside forces. A simple example of this healing mechanism is the response of the immune system when we ingest food which contains unwanted bacteria. A response is triggered, and we evacuate our bowels or get rid of the unwanted pathogens through the process of emesis. Similarly in chronic disease, the body recognizes the damaging effect of pathogenic disease establishing a pathway to reduce the harm on the body. This can present itself as rashes, eczema, acne, fungus, warts, or other unwanted growths. According to “Law of Cure” by Constantine Herring, if these conditions are not treated properly, then disease can travel deeper into the body, which will start to affect other vital organs or the joints. Disease is usually suppressed by applying an ointment on the skin, which can lead to other problems that develop later in life. This is called the suppression of disease. As an example, the eczema which existed on the surface now has traveled inwards and starts to affect the brain creating insomnia or afflicts the lungs with allergic asthma-like symptoms. 

Another example of this in my clinical practice while following the natural philosophy of health: is the removal of unwanted benign growths. In my experience, when these growths are removed, they usually return on the skin exceeding in quantity, because this preserves the vital organs. However, there is also a chance of further confusion and the same factor which lead to the creation of these growths now leads to malignant growths or other diseases arise altogether. 

When the eruption is treated successfully, usually there is an aggravation of the condition, which furthers the course of healing and slowly dissipates the inherent disease which exists in the system. The body’s wise mechanism must be studied further in this manner to understand the complexity of disease in its current proximity.

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