Our society is suffering from a mental health epidemic. The WHO states that 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. That is only one of the common mental health disorders. Even prior to Covid 19, about 50 million people in the United States suffered from a mental illness. According to Mental Health America, mental health illness among the youth is growing rapidly; with up to 10 percent of the youth in the U.S. with major depression. Up to 4.58 percent have thoughts about suicide, an increase from the previous year. (Mental Health America)

The mind involves the nervous system and its relationship to various other body’s mechanisms. According to various traditional health systems including Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, the body functions holistically by one system relying on the other to create a balance. Each system is not viewed as a portion, but all the systems are viewed working together as a whole. With mental health illnesses growing globally, there is an increasing necessity to study some of the traditional methods and theories and what they can contribute to our health. 

In chronic disease, the following theory can help open a new perspective to health. 

Course of disease travels:

• from the least important locations to the most important locations. 

• It travels from surface inwards, from the skin to more important locations. 

Course of healing begins

• at the most important locations. It begins at the vital organs such as the brain, the heart, and other crucial organs.

•From within outwards and in reverse to how disease was suppressed; to the least important locations with the skin being one of the last locations of disease.

 I have observed that when disease is left on the skin, the joints or other superficial locations and an approach is taken to treat it at this location without suppressing it, it allows the illness to leave the body without causing harm to other organs. However, when it is suppressed then this disease at the superficial level is given the opportunity to spread to other locations and eventually it travels to the mind overtime. A common example of this is the relationship between the internal organs and the skin, which is imperative in both theories of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy. In allergic asthma, skin dermatitis is usually present. I have observed that suppressing the disease at the skin can create a course, which can lead to more problems such as allergies to certain foods that irritate the mucous membranes creating an allergic asthmatic response. Similarly, disease when suppressed at the skin or other locations such as the joints without considering the whole can lead to other health issues and disturbance of the thought process. 

This theory was observed and discovered by Dr. Constantine Hering more than 150 years ago. It has also been studied and used by various practitioners of natural healing throughout the world. According to Hering, it is important to treat disease in a manner which does not create further harm. This is the principle of “the highest ideal of a cure;” to treat disease in its totality so it is completely eradicated. Hering studied the natural mechanism of the human body and observed how the body functions naturally to eradicate disease. It is thus important to create a flow, which works with the natural intelligence and wisdom of the body.

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