Giving thoughtful gifts always brings such a deep feeling of gratitude to our friends and family members.  But it can be hard to figure out what to get someone, especially if they “have everything.” Sometimes giving experiences can be even more fun than a tangible gift. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites for those who may be hard to shop for. These gifts are mostly healthy, sustainable and some are local. I plan on shopping a lot of local holiday markets to support local artisans. Happy gift giving! 

Self-care gifts

• Dry skin brush

• Silk pillowcase cover

• Organic cotton pajamas

• Eye mask

• Nail files (great for stocking stuffers)

• Face masks (I love the Charcoal mask from Beauty Counter)

•Massage/facial  from a local spa

• Reusable stainless steel water bottle (Contigo/Hydroflask)

• Blue light blocking glasses (Defender Shield)

• Bath salts & bath pillow

For the foodie

• Sea salts

• Salad spinner

• Herbal tea & cute tea pot

• High-quality olive oil (Laconiko is local and you can save 10 percent with the code: UBH)

• Fancy balsamic vinegars (Laconiko also makes wonderful vinegars)

• Dark chocolates (River-Sea Chocolates is local)

• Culinary herbs to grow in small pots

• Bamboo spatulas and spoons 

• Custom recipe tea towel (I saw these on Etsy)

• Cookbook (look at their wish list on Amazon – I make one every year for books I want)

• Raw honey from a local apiary (there are many in Northern Virginia)

• Milk frother for blending lattes and matcha tea


• Horseback riding lessons

• Ice skating (there are many local rinks)

• Spa day

•Museum/zoo pass

• Escape room

• Movie theater tickets

• Gift card to a local Mom & Pop restaurant

• Sporting event tickets

• Cooking class 

More random fun gifts:

• Yoga classes/yoga mat

• Puzzles that look like art

• Fuzzy slippers

• Plush robe

• Faux fur throw

• Bluetooth speaker

• Temperature control smart mug

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