Summer heat dog

A dog enjoying the outside.

WOOF! BARKS! The heat of the summer, even on the hottest days, are my human’s favorite time of the year. Barks. Paws, I told you he was a crazy man, now you have confirmation. Woofs, while I enjoy the warm weather too… the heat is good for arthritis you know… but even a simple walk can be dangerous for your dog! WOOF! Heat and dogs should be taken VERY seriously! 

WOOF! WOOF! Since we have been staying home and not going out except for walks, the warmer sunny weather has greeted us with excitement! It’s TIME to get outside more! I don my favorite collar and leash and we take off. Barks, as the temperatures rise, paws, the dangers for your dog increases much like to does for humans! WOOFs! Barks!  

Generally, with lots of water available, air circulation, and access to shade, most dogs can be outside in temperature up to around 90 degrees! Around here, the humidity can be stifling too! This doesn’t mean that you can leave the dog outside unattended. It’s a general guideline as the ability to handle the heat and direct sunlight can be more challenging for one dog than another. Being a mostest-handsomest-ever Plott Hound/Black Labrador Retriever with the shiniest black coat, the direct sun is too much for me for very long. My human and I have worked together to understand my limits especially when his are much higher even for what someone might call a normal human. Woofs! 

Barks, Dad enjoys gardening in our backyard. When he does, of course, I love to go behind him and dig holes where I think he might want them and supervise his planting, mulching and weeding. You know how it is, dogs know best! When I hang out with him, he provides a few places for me to get water and some shade. For water, he fills my water bowls which get emptied and taken inside overnight so we don’t risk critters getting into them overnight! Barks, for shade, he uses a portable lightweight beach tent-thingy to provide shade for me in our otherwise direct sunlit backyard. Another favorite spot is under the deck table and umbrella! Paws, you can find pawsome cooling beds that use cold water and ice to keep dogs cool.  

Woof! When the weather warms, we change our walking time to earlier or late day. Some mornings are just too hot so we stay inside. Consider carrying a doggie water bottle in your journeys. BARKS! Be aware that some surfaces are too hot for your dog’s paws.  To determine it, place your hand on the surface for a few seconds. Dogs paw pads can be injured, even burned, by walking on hot surfaces too long. Since most dogs want to pawlease their humans, they will go along pawssibly hurting themselves. WOOFS!  

When I was really young, my humans did the most embarrassing thing I’d ever seen in my dog days. And being a former stray, I have seen pawlenty- trust me! Dad bought a kiddie pool, filled it with water, got in his Speedo, and tried to persuade me to get in the pool to cool off with him, paws, wearing the Speedo! It didn’t work! Neighbors laughed. I wasn’t doing it. Barks! The idea was great just don’t wear a Speedo! WOOF! Taking your dog swimming works too!

A favorite pastime with Dad is going for rides! BARKS! We roll the windows down, open the moon roof, take off our fur, turn on the radio, and off we go! WOOF! Dad prepares a bag full of items we might need along our journeys including bottles of water, water and food bowls, treats, poop bags, a coffee can to dispose of poop bags, and my pillow! WOOFs! Never leave your dog in a parked car! The heat inside rises to dangerous, even fatal, levels quick! 



Pawlease meet a friend looking for her “Forever Homes!” 

Sweet Annie, a Chihuahua, is looking for a special human to enjoy life with. She was surrendered as her humans moved without her! Barks, she has a long medical history which hasn’t lessened her love for life and humans. She loves being held, cuddled, and playing in the grass.

PetConnect Rescue,, email: or call 1-877-838-9171

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