Aren't I cute?

MEOWS! PURRS! OH, MY PAWS AND CLAWS! It’s National Cat Lover’s Month! As my Aunt Prissy Face in North Carolina so pawsitively put it, “cats think every month should be Cat Lover’s Month!” Purrs, so it should be! In my pawsomely pawsonal opinion, every human should adopt a cat and spoil it as much as they can pawssibly afford to make it one of the mostest blessed in the universe! Meows! There are more than a few ways to celebrate National Cat Lover’s Month even if you do not have a cat - which is beyond me as everyone NEEDS a cat. I digress. 

Pawssibly the easiest way to celebrate this month is to pawchase new cat toys or even a new scratching post for your beloved! Doing so this special month means you should spend more money than you usually would, pawchasing the bestest you can find. We cats are so worth it! If you have multiple cats in your home, pawlease be sure to buy each a new toy! If having toys strewn throughout your home is a concern, store older toys in a closet or storage bin. MEOWS!  

Purrs, consider pawchasing new cat furniture for your beloved Foo-Foo! I paw my humans about buying me one of those pawsome fancy-schmancy recliners or oversized chairs with a place for the remotes for my use when they watch TV or sit and read! MEOWS! Pawingly, maybe you have been putting off pawchasing a cat tree, or perhaps you should pawchase a new larger one? A pawsome cat tree will have places where the cat can perch and watch the world go by, some hanging toys they can bat and have fun pretending it’s someone who annoys them, pawlaces to hide and nap, and pawlaces to scratch! Meows, a grand gift for the cat you think has everything! 

Do you want to share the pawsomeness of your pawsonal cat with every human you meet every day? Consider pawchasing clothing or jewelry with a favorite photo of your cat or its breed. You can make a fashion statement during this month, or even all year about the greatness of cats! Pawlease create something unique as each cat is unique! Meows! 

Treats! Purrs! That’s something I haven’t been too interested in over the years. Maybe I should rethink? Pawingly, now is the pawfect time for all humans to fork over money for the bestestest-ever made cat treats! Think Salmon! Or Lobster! You know, the healthy ones which are expensive and you keep thinking one day you will buy Fluff-fluff some for a really special occasion? The special occasion is here humans! 

HISS! HISS! All they do is poke, push, prod, stick things where they don’t belong, pull my legs and arms, look in my ears and mouth, stick needles in me, and maybe do it all over again. Annoying as that is, it is very impawtant for cats to have health exams at the Veterinarian. Why not start this month getting into a routine as the Veterinarian suggests?  

Meows! Purrs! Give yourself the gift of time with your cat! Humans get so busy they forget their precious little Muff-Muff! Schedule a time to curl up and snuggle for a bit this month! 

Pawingly, many cat rescues use human volunteers to help with their mission of rescuing cats and finding their “Forever Homes!” These organizations can use humans for many activities such as fostering cats and kittens, bottle-feeding kittens, transport for Veterinarian visits, photography, social media, news release and newsletter writing, advertising, and many other tasks. Contact a rescue to volunteer!

You don’t have a cat? Oh, my paws! I am sorry to hear that! Paws, you can remedy that by contacting our friends at,, or, to find cats who are looking for their “Forever Homes!” with humans to love who will love them too! 

Purrs, there are pawssibly many humans who love cats but cannot adopt. Meows, you can help a cat in need. By donating to a local rescue that assists cats, you help to provide financial resources for food, water, toys, Veterinary expenses, and the like. It would be just like you adopted the cat yourself! Visit the links I pawed earlier to learn about “Sponsoring a Cat!”

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,,,


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