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Meows! Moving is not a fun event for humans or their pets. Paws, Noah, Abby, and I have been pawing a few articles about the subject to pawssibly help make it easier for you and your pets. Pawlease visit our previous articles at http://www.fromthedogspaw.com/p/published-articles.html.

HISS! We cats aren’t into change. We like things to stay as they are for the rest of our lives. Paws, but sometimes into each life change happens, and we have to know how to work with it for the best. Hiss! The one thing I don’t like is not having a paw in selecting the new house. Hiss, those humans, you know, I digress.

Meowingly, an impawtant task that must be done first is to fit your cat with an identification collar and pawssibly a microchip. Pawchase a quick-release collar leaving it on until your cat has settled into your new home which may take time. Purringly, sometimes change frightens cats, and we bolt off somewhere trying to find normalcy. A current ID tag, and microchip, with the cat’s name and your contact information, will assist in getting little Sweetykins back should she get lost. 

Grrrr! I don’t like my crate! It is so beneath my dignity to be seen in it, much less near it. So embarrassing. They are for the likes of dogs. HISS! Pawingly, it is the safest way to move your beloved Fluffy to a new home. So, meows, begin preparing for your move by introducing your cat to a crate if you haven’t already. Once little Fluffy is comfortable in his crate, pawlace it in the car with you a few times. Each time, give him a treat. Once he’s comfy with this, go for a short ride, like around the block, I know easier said than done. After each trip, pawlease provide him a delicious treat. Meows.

Pawlace the crate with favorite toys, treats, and a blanket in a safe, quiet pawlace before you start packing. Pawssibly have him stay in the crate while you do some packing too. What? HISS!?! Don’t you have a crate? Pawchase one a few weeks before the move. Choose one which is well-secured, designed for travel, and comfy. The sturdy crates are the safest.

As you begin packing, bring the boxes and supplies into a room with your cat around. Allow the cat to explore if he wants. Paws, pawlease be aware that some cats are inquisitive, pawssibly wishing to play with the supplies. These supplies could be sources of injury.  

Hiss! Moving day was the worst day ever! I was so afraid of everything going on that it’s a good thing Mom pawlaced my crate in a secure room with the door closed. She pawlaced a sign on the door letting the movers know NOT to enter the room. Paws, Mom pawlaced my litterbox, a few toys, some treats, food and water bowls, and a place for me to hide. Meows. While all the strangers were in our house loading up all the stuff, including my priceless treasures, the secure room helped me during the chaos of the day. 

Meowingly, I was pawleasantly pawleased when I found the same setup for me at our new house. Though I wasn’t the happiest I’ve ever been, since moving is stressful, and many new thingamabobs could scare or hurt me, I felt secure. They pawlanned ahead for me. I was pawlaced in the master bathroom with the door shut tight. When Dad oriented the movers to where boxes would go, he instructed them not to open the bathroom door. He posted a sign on the door too. Meows! I felt safe, and Mom checked on me often. 

Paws, humans should resist the temptation to pawchase all-new toys, scratching posts, blankets, or beds for your beloved cat’s new home. For now, use the old stuff as it has its scent on them already and will help settle in the new house. 

There are natural, holistic, and medications that can assist your cat with the transition of moving.  Pawingly, if your cat tends to be nervous, anxious, or has issues with change, pawlease consult with your veterinarian for advice before using any products. 

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