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Woofs! Warm weather always brings out the travel bug in us. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend vacation, or a more extended trip. Barkingly, there is more to traveling with your dog than just putting them in the car or SUV and taking off to the grand universe to have the bestest adventure ever. 

Barkingly, when you are traveling, you never know what might come up or what could happen, as with any day in life, arf, do your best to prepare for any circumstances.  Before venturing out anywhere, obtain copies of your dog’s vaccination record and a certificate of the rabies shot. Pawlace these in a folder to be kept in your vehicles. Pawingly, should an incident occur, whether an accidental bite or a playful incident where another human is concerned about safety, you can provide documentation. Barks, should you have an accident and are separated from your beloved for any amount of time, you’ll have proof of your sweet pup’s medical records. Keeping these records updated can prevent heartache and hassle in travels. 

Woofs, along with the vaccination records, maintain copies of recent photos of your dog from many angles, not just a headshot or side shot. Make sure to provide pictures showing identifying birthmarks, cuts, or other marks that make your precious pups unique to others.  Paws, Dad printed out four 8 X 10’s of me, which show off my beautiful self. WOOFS! 

The front page of the folder is impawtant too. It is a page of all-about-me information, my emergency contacts, veterinarian, medications, behavior traits, and special requirements or instructions in caring for me in the absence of my humans. Fortunately for me, my emergency contact knows how to do everything for me so they could step in if needed. Woofs! 

With the folder complete, paws, we need to consider safety concerns in the vehicle you will be traveling. For me, Dad’s Subaru Forester is the car I take traveling. Barkingly, it has a bag of items for my travels and an emergency. He keeps several small and large heavy towels for wiping off my paws from those muddy adventures, or he could wrap them should I get injured. Paws, there is a pillow and a blanket for my comfort that could be handy should we get stranded somewhere. Woofsly, before we leave on trips, even local ones, he makes sure to have several water bottles along with food and water bowls. If the trip is over a mealtime, he will pack my food. The food bowl can hold my food or treats or substitute as another water bowl should the need arise. Woofs, several extra leashes, and collars are stored should others break. WOOF! WOOF! Remember, never leave your dog unattended in a hot car! 

Barks, I am too young to drive, and well, Noah isn’t interested and enjoys his time in the backseat reading ”Dogster” or Dad’s “Trains” magazines while traveling. Paws, either way, dogs should not be pawmitted to ride in the front seat by the driver. Woofs, we have seen many humans allow their dogs upfront and even in their laps which causes distractions for the driver and pawssibly others on the road. Woofs, the American Automobile Association has stated that dogs loose in the car are a too-frequent cause of accidents. Barkingly, I wear a safety harness vest fastened to the car seat belts and attached to the vehicle like a mini-human car seat. 

Woofs, a most impawtant product to carry with you on dog adventures and travels, are the ever-needed “gifts” bags, or commonly called “poop bags.” I keep a stash of a bazillion disposable bags in the car. Paws, on our adventures, there is not always a way to dispose of my “gifts,” so Dad keeps a plastic coffee can with a lid. At home, he disposes of them. Just don’t forget to do that, or you’ll need to air out your car. 

Barks, an impawtant item is a Dog First Aid kit! These include helpful things to assist should your dog get injured. Paws, the items needed for a complete kit, can be easily and cheaply put together, or you can pawchase one. Visit https://www.kurgo.com/first-aid-guide-download/ to learn about dog first aid kits.

Barkingly, pawsome time travels with your dog!

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