Camping with your dog

WOOF! Barks, By now, my humans and I have usually been on pawlenty of travel adventures! This year, it’s different. With all the COVID-19 and stuff happening, we’ll pawssibly stay closer to home. Arfs, we may take a staycation instead! Woofs! 

A staycation? It’s a great way to escape the hectic work and home life but isn’t as expensive as a vacation. Barks, it can be as entertaining as a vacation if you follow through with it and literally treat the staycation as a vacation by pawlanning special activities for each day! Woofs! A few ideas-

Barks, take your dog for a walk through a local town you have always wanted to visit and wondered what could be “up that street?” or “what’s over there?” Check to see if there are any dog-friendly shops and restaurants to make it even more fun. Paws, with this, you need to be sure to pay attention to the weather and not embark on a walk during the heat of the day. Dad enjoys these trips as he grew up in this area but there are pawlenty of pawlaces where he has not visited. Sometimes window shopping at shopping centers or old town areas can be a pawsome adventure too. 

Barks, do you have a friend who likes to bake and has a dog? Have a dog treat bake-off! Each human is to find or create a recipe for a special dog treat to share with each other’s dog!  Find out if any dog you know is having a “birthday” or a “gotcha day”, woofs, paws, and make a special birthday treat! Paws, while baking you should include something delicious for the humans too. 

Barks. invite a few dogs for a backyard playdate! Hide a few treats around the yard and have the pups find them. Have games of chase and tug-of-war and chew toys for the dogs to enjoy. Barkingly, have several bowls of water handy too! The dogs will have a blast running, playing, and enjoying it all. Woofs, humans will enjoy watching their dogs play too.

One of the mostest funnest adventures I have had these past few months is going for a ride with my humans. We grab lots of bottled water and a few treats for me, snacks for them, put my harness on, and off we go! We have driven to towns and areas where we have never been before.  We drove around looking at shops where Mom can spend Dad’s money, parks, places where Dad and I can watch trains, and a few restaurants for Mom and Dad to visit when I am not with them. Woofs! The trips don’t have to be all day long they can be just a few hours … just drive around and enjoy it! Dad loves exploring especially since he grew up in Virginia but hasn’t had time to visit other towns as he would like. Woofs!

Have you ever gone camping? Woofs! A really cool staycation idea is setting up a camping tent in your backyard with sleeping bags, pillows, a dog pillow, a lantern, and other assorted items needed with no devices! Paws, set up camp as if you were in the Shenandoah! Barkingly, remember to pack all the items needed as if you cannot return home! A firepit could be used instead of a campfire. Barkingly, check the local laws about that. Paws, take the ingredients to make sm’ores too. Be sure to use caution handling food if wildlife, such as bear, frequent your neighborhood. Woofs.

Barks! Movie Nights are fun too! Paws, select several movies you would like to see! Gather your favorite snacks and make certain you have the bestest, tastiest treats you can buy for your dog! Curl up in front of the television watching the movies. Barkingly, when we do this, I like having my favorite blankies, pillows, a chew toy to nibble on, and my favorite cuddle toy and curl up with my humans.

Woofs! An evening of board games can be a lot of fun… I have always thought Pawcheezy ….maybe Pawsword… would be great ones to learn! WOOFS!

Barkingly, however or wherever or whatever you go or do, pawlease remember to abide by laws and rules regarding masks and social distancing. Woofs! Do not allow humans you do not know to pet your dog. 

About us! 

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