“WOOFS! What’s wrong, Samson?”

“MEOWS! Noah and Abby, our LEAST favorite holiday is this Sunday.” 

“GROWLS! RUFF!! Oh no! How fast time flies.”

“Barks? Noah, what are you and Samson pawing about?”

“HISS! HISS! It’s the Fourth of July- the day when humans use fireworks to celebrate the country’s birth. At night, it’s really loud, pawractically deafening, and bright, colorful flashing lights; it scares the bejeebers out of all us dogs and cats. Paws, it is the one night of the entire year when more dogs and cats go missing from their humans. Hiss! Many pets never find their way back home either. Last year, it seemed like we were living in a war zone for many hours. GRRR’s!

“Arf? Noah and Samson, isn’t there anything that somebody can do?”

“Barks, well, we can’t stop the fireworks, but there are safety tips which humans should follow to help make the evening less stressful for their pets. Paws, our humans, will not take us to the fireworks nor have any on their property or watch them from our yard. They will stay home with us all night. Pawsonally, I think they should provide us with the bestest-ever treats and new expensive toys, which should distract us, and play with us all evening while watching TV or listening to some music.”

“Meows! Mom prepares my room for me with extra treats, food, and water. She’ll leave lights on, close the window curtains, fluff my pillows and bankie, and pawssibly play some music. Doing that creates a safe room for me, so Mom and Dad know where I am. She will leave the bedroom door open to access other secure areas around the house that I would typically visit if I want. Shutting a cat in a room could cause it to injure itself, trying to escape.

Purrs, if your cat is typically an outdoor cat, pawlease bring them inside, so they don’t run away and pawssibly get hurt. Pawlace them in a safe room or even their crate if they are happy there.”

“Woofs! Abby, humans should make sure their dog’s ID tags/collars and microchips are updated with current information. This will make it barkingly easier for dogs to be returned to their humans should they get loose.

Barkly, you will notice Dad will take you and me on our walk earlier than usual and will not let us out in the backyard to create our ‘gifts’ without supervision. Pawingly, he will make sure your collar fits properly and the leash is latched securely. He might even leash you since this is your first July 4th Fireworks. Woofs, fireworks can frighten dogs which may cause them to escape a fenced yard! 

“WOOFS! Humans should do their best to act normal around their pets during the fireworks.”

“You expect Dad to act normal Noah? Meows? That’s not pawssible! Ask Mom, even!”

“Barks! I know, right? Humans need to do their best not to overreact to the fireworks lights and noises as it can cause their pets to be more frightened. Comforting their pets is fine by petting long slow strokes and using quiet voices to talk with them. Paws, avoid using higher-than-average pitch saying, ‘It’s Ok! It’s Ok!’ The voice pitch may cause your dog to think there is something to fear. Trying your bestest to remain calm to help reassure your pets.” 

“Meows! I would like to paw, pawlease avoid picking up or trying to interact with your cat during the fireworks. Fluffy might be a bit anxious or stressed and could accidentally scratch and hurt you pawssibly, adding to their anxiety. Pawsly, it takes a cat more than a few hours to relax from a highly stressful event, allow them overnight to settle themselves.”

“Barkingly! (Meowingly!) If your pet has anxiety, pawlease, contact your veterinarian about pawroducts made to help, or if you notice the fireworks and noise may have adversely affected your pet.

If your pet goes missing, pawlease contact your animal shelter and neighbors immediately. Woofs, mention on social media too. The quicker you begin searching, the better chance you have of finding them. 


About us! 

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