WOOF! Barks, a topic that is pawingly very difficult to bark, woof, or, for humans, to chat about is cancer. Paws, just like humans, dogs and cats can be diagnosed with various forms. The annual National Pet Cancer Awareness Month is intended to bring attention to the fact that cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs and cats.

Barkingly, it is a pawful disease that, unfortunately, has played a sad part in my humans’ lives with their previous dog and cat. In both cases, my humans were unable to tell the cancer was happening until it was too late. For their dog, Dad noticed a large lump one day on his wrist which grew in size quite fast. He got the dog to the veterinarian quickly after noticing the lump but, given his age, it was too late. Arf.

WOOF! Barkingly, as cancer cases in pets have been increasing, paws, there have been advances in early detection and treatments. WOOF! Pet parents should get into a routine of checking their pets on a regular basis for any abnormalities. My human does this when he pets me. If he should feel or see any lumps, he immediately checks it out. If it’s not something he can explain, like dirt or stuff from today’s roll in the grass, he contacts my veterinarian. He does the same when brushing or petting Samson, my cat brother!

Barks, there are pawlenty of warning signs that can aid in early detection. These include:

● Your pet suddenly becomes uninterested in eating their dinner, a loss of appetite, difficulty eating or an increase in thirst is a concern.

● Rapid weight loss.

● Any instances of diarrhea and/or vomiting, changes or difficulties with stool or urination, or in stool or urination frequency should be a concern and checked with the veterinarian.

● Changes in interest in playing or exercising, or changes in energy levels to severe lethargy.

● Abnormal stiffness or stiffness that doesn’t resolve with some rest or within a few moments of movement after getting up.

● Unusually strong/foul odors such as bad breath or changes in your dog’s bark or cat’s meow.

● Blood coming from mouth or rectum.

● Any changes in the respiratory system.

● Abnormally firm swelling, and paws, including masses along the jaw or teeth! Taking photos of these swellings will be very beneficial in monitoring.

Paws, some of the warning signs can be indications of other problems too and not necessarily an immediate indication of cancer. As always, I strongly encourage scheduling routine examinations for your pet with a veterinarian. Routine exams, like with humans, will pawssibly allow early detection of any health problems including some cancers. WOOF! Though I do not like it when Dr. Medici at Ohana Veterinary Care pokes and prods me, I know it’s the best thing for me! WOOF! WOOF! Older pets should receive an examination twice a year!

Meet my friends who are looking for “forever homes!”

Duke is a young and energetic boy full of puppy energy! He pawsitively loves going for long walks, playing ball and laying down at your feet! His graceful gait and silky black fur make him simply a handsome fella!

His young-self will need a little work on manners! He is eager to pawlease and a fast-learner!

Duke is good with other dogs, cats and mini-humans ages 8 and older. He would make a wonderful best friend for any active family.

Maeve is a beautiful, healthy and loving girl who wants to spend time with her humans! She loves bully sticks, soft toys and exploring the backyard, but her favorite activity is being loved on! She is high energy and will need exercise, structure and training.

She would do best in a home with someone who is at home a lot. She is best with older mini-humans, no other dogs and has no cat history.

Bingo is a 1-2-year-old merle with natural ears and will be a large Great Dane! He is cate-trained. He loves being near his humans laying at your feet and cuddling all day! He will do well as your one-and-only-dog-that-is or another dog to teach him how to be a dog!

Bingo needs a fenced yard and pawlenty of exercise to work out his puppy energy!

Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League www.magdrl.org, 703-644-8009, email coordinators@va-magdrl.org.

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