SWOOSH! BOOM! BAM! POP! BOOM! BOOM! Woof! This is my least favorite time of year! Bark! All the noise. All the frighteningly bright lights! Barkingly, sometimes the noises start well before the July 4th holiday and continue through the following weeks. Barks, sometimes I wonder if the world is exploding!

Dogs hearing and sensory ability are quite sensitive! If the noise is too loud for you, it’s incredibly much louder for us. Paws. which is why we hide from it or try to get away. Barks, be sure to walk your dog early in the day well before the festivities begin. Keep your dog inside to keep him from running off during fireworks. Should he need to do his business, be sure to go outside with him! Paws, I know this sounds crazy but fireworks can scare dogs enough to cause them to go running. Even jump fences!

Barkingly, it’s possible to get your dog used to all the noises associated with the festivities. Buy a CD recording and play it frequently before the event. These noises should begin to be customary to your dog making festivities less frightening. Paws, be careful though, just because you have the most powerful stereo in the universe, doesn’t mean you should use it at full volume- you could cause hearing damage too.

Barkingly, using the CD or other media to familiarize your dog with the noises, doesn’t mean you should take him the event! It’s possible your dog could become frightened, especially being so up close to the fireworks, that he would try to run off or get away from you. Leave the dog at home in a comfy place.

Insect repellant? Bug spray? Sunscreen? These products but aren’t necessarily dog-friendly. Do not use these on your dog unless the product specifically says safe for use on pets. Though safe for humans, these can be toxic or harmful to your dog. Sunscreen is important for a dog who spends a bit of time outside but consult your Veterinarian.

WOOF! BARK! A thorn in my paw is humans who do not ensure their pets have ID collars and/or micro-chipped. The ID collar allows humans who find your dog to quickly return it to you. A microchip does the same thing, barks, the human can take the dog to a Veterinarian to read it. Microchips are pawsome for locating dogs gone missing!

Barkingly, never use fireworks with or near your pets. To curious dogs, lit fireworks can cause burns and other injuries. Some fireworks contain potentially toxic substances which could cause serious injuries!

My humans spoil me by spending the entire day with me! If one goes out, the other stays here! They fluff my dog bed and a pillow or two, place my blankie near me, serve some pawsomely delicious treats, have a few new toys to keep me busy, and provide pawlenty of fresh spring water. When the festivities begin, they stay with me and we watch something funny on TV while having dinner. After dinner, I get my favorite treat, Frosty Paws Ice Cream, made especially for dogs! WOOF!

Did you know more dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other holiday? Animal Shelters across the country report July 5th as being their busiest day because of all the dogs gone missing, injured or even worse. Take precautions don’t end up a statistic!

My friend “Lab Lady” from Lab Rescue brought by a few friends to meet!

WOOF! Piggy and Pancake are quite the inseparable bonded-pair and must be adopted together. These two are looking for a single-family home with a fence in a suburban or rural area.

The pocket-size charmers are fun, sweet, and pawsomely adorable! They are ready to provide years of happiness and silly antics! They are house- and crate- trained, know basic commands. Good with other dogs and cats. No history with mini-humans.

Meet Rocky and Foxy who are looking for a single-family home in a rural or suburban area. No fence requirement! They will do best in a quiet home.

These two are a pawsomely adorable and affectionate pups who love belly rubs and ear massages! The pair love going for car rides, exploring the backyard, napping, and being petted.

Good with other dogs, no cat history, and recommended for mini-humans ages 8 and older.

Contact Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. www.lab-rescue.org, call the Lab Line: (301) 299-6756 or email info@lab-rescue.org.

About Me:

Noah writes about dog/cat adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats at www.fromthedogspaw.com. He is Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonsphotos.com, www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonsPhotos, www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw, www.facebook.com/fromthedogspaw.

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