WOOF! Barkingly, Imagine you have gone to Auntie’s for a weekend or even to a nice expensive hotel and they weren’t prepared for you. No, you weren’t early, didn’t surprised them, nor did your reservation get messed up,  they weren’t prepared for you. There is no linens, towels, mattress, ice bucket, food, drinks, snacks, and or television. All you have is a strange-looking room bare of necessities. Kinda cold, bark? That’s how a dog can feel when you bring them home and aren’t prepared! You wouldn’t welcome human guests to your home without preparation, your new pupsters deserves the same.

Barkingly, since I am pawsitive you would not want to feed or provide water for your new pups on your bestest dining china reserved for Thanksgiving dinners or fancy dinner parties, you should purchase food and water bowls. Paws, there are pawlenty of choices in designs, materials, and styles for your pups to enjoy his fancy feasts at his new home! Woofs, when my humans adopted the dog before me, they learned he was allergic to the plastic the bowls purchased for food and water. According to his Veterinarian, it is not unusual for a dog to be allergic to plastics. Barkingly, paws, the plastic can be easily chewed and scratched allowing for bacteria to build up. I pawsonally like ceramic bowls because they come in many different sizes and designs.  You could pawssibly have one made to match that fancy dining china! Barkingly, you still have to be concerned with cracks and them getting broken. Metal bowls are cool too but there is a limited supply of designs. These make great travel bowls and to take outside with you too.

WOOFs! A collar with a nameplate is of utmost impawtance! Barkingly, collars come in many different materials, styles, and colors too. My human bought me a beautiful red nylon color, I looked so handsomely debonair the ladies just… well, that’s another story… barks, I was allergic to the nylon as it caused my undercoat to shed. Barks, so I got a brown leather collar with an ID nameplate. A good practice is to maintain the ID tag, with your complete contact information, either as part of the collar or attached. I encourage ID tags, along with microchips, because they allow a quicker way to determine where your dog lives.

Barkingly, a leash is impawtant too. The leash provides you with being able to control the pupsters. Woofs, the best leash for a new pups is nylon or leather but not a Flexi. While I love the Flexi for many reasons, it is not recommended for the new dog owner or when training. Barkingly before buying a leash, consider your dog’s activities. A simple nylon leash is great for short walks or to control. A simple design might work for you. Are you an active walker or hiker who will take your dog everywhere even in the pouring rain? You will want a leash that is flexible in control and can be washed frequently. Barks.

A crate. I love my crate. It is my room. It has my stuff. My toys. My pillows. Paws, and best of all, my bankies! WOOFS! It’s air-conditioned or heated as the paws might want, has my human’s artwork, and a kitchen! I still have to go outside to do my business which is why you should select a crate large enough for future use but allows sectioning off to be smaller too. Mine is a wire-crate which allows me to feel like I am part of the family even when I am curled up in there.  There are many styles and colors available including fabric, plastic, and ones that look like pieces of elegantly-designed wood furniture. WOOF! Some dogs have a preference so be sure to inquire. My crate has always been situated in an area of the house where I can be near my humans. When I want to go to bed, I just tuck myself in and go to sleep. BARKS! When those nasty thunderstorms or fireworks start, I can curl up under my bankies and pillows and calm down. Some days, I just want a nap and to steal away to myself- I love my crate!

Next week, I will paw more about supplies and puppy-proofing!

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