Dear Editor, 

With vaccines not currently available to children under 12, FCPS staff not required to get vaccinated (which is legal to do so), and COVID cases in students regularly. FCPS is now requiring students must have a Medical Diagnosis to continue to stay virtual next year. What? As a mother of three, I have had to leave my job and be home to support my kid’s virtual learning. I do this because I know FCPS hasn’t done what it can to keep our kids safe. In fact, among all the other mothers I know outside of FCPS much higher safety standards are implemented. FCPS continues to be ok with 3 feet and masks even though continual COVID cases in students occur regularly. FCPS is forcing Virtual Students to come in person or Leave their home school and all the friends they have made. I don’t know any other district doing this. If no COVID cases in students then this would be reasonable but this is the opposite of the truth and Virtual parents have had no say in the safety protocols or this option being taken away. How can virtual students come back when they have lost family members to COVID and know that COVID still comes into their schools on a regular basis with little protection against it. Our kids haven’t even visited with unvaccinated family members but I am supposed to send them to school with teachers who aren’t vaccinated? FCPS keeps virtual parents silent.

Amanda Cottone

Fairfax, VA

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