There is a class for “antiracism educators” at Marshall High School that should concern every Fairfax County citizen. It is a racist, divisive course, instructing teachers about the problems with “whiteness.”


Since October 6, Fairfax County Public Schools staffer Rob Kerr has been teaching a weekly two-hour course to teachers at Marshall High School called, “AC-1608: How to Be an Antiracist Educator.” 


In December, as part of the course, Kerr will be teaching a class called, “Exploring and Understanding Whiteness,” and it will include listening to a podcast by a controversial “diversity, equity and inclusion” consultant, Bettina Love. She is the founder of the radical Abolitionist Teaching Network, whose core philosophy is that America’s schools, and especially its white teachers, are “spirit murdering” black children.


What’s more, teachers have to study the ideas of a controversial consultant, Glenn Singleton, founder of the Pacific Educational Group Inc., regarding “The Sixth Condition-Let’s Talk About Whiteness,” which argues that “whiteness” is a problem. He sells a program, “Courageous Conversations,” to school districts and clients that divides people based on “privilege” and where they fit as “oppressors” or “oppressed” in an “oppression matrix.”


The Fairfax County “Antiracist Educator” syllabus borrows key concepts from the dour, divisive doctrine known as critical race theory, which holds that all white people are intrinsic oppressors of all minorities and especially black people. Lessons include “the Creation of Racist Systems,” “the building blocks of racism in the United States,” not to mention the ills of “whiteness.”


As the first generation in my family born after the end of literal white supremacy, colonial rule in my native country of India, with the nation’s independence from British rule, in 1947, my family and I reject this kind of racist bigotry. We cannot replace the old hierarchy of human value with a new hierarchy of human value. 


Education officials and politicians deny critical race theory is taught in K–12 schools, in a pattern of deception that parents are facing nationwide. We’ve heard of white lies, where folks fudge the truth. These are “woke” lies. But we’re now standing up with moral courage as unapologetic parents in a mama bear — and papa bear — movement. And we’re not just standing up against critical race theory. 


There’s a whole list of dubious education policies we’re fighting. These include: the elimination of merit exams for entry into once-elite schools, like Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology; the elimination even of advanced math; the curating of pornography by some school libraries; and the cover-up of sexual assaults in schools.


Fairfax County Public Schools denies that it is teaching critical race theory. Spokeswoman Julie Moult says, “Critical race theory is a specific theory that has five tenets” that include: “The notion that racism is not an aberration,” “Interest convergence,” “The social construction of race,” “Storytelling and counter storytelling” and “A critique of liberalism.”


“While this is a course about race and racism is discussed, that alone does not make it emblematic of critical race theory,” she continued. “If you review the course outline you will notice these ideas are not present.”


But the facts don’t bear out her assertion. According to the syllabus, teachers must write their “Racial Biography” (so-called “storytelling’) and accept that “systems of oppression” (which amounts to a “social construction of race”) create “gaps in opportunity, access and achievement” (an example of “interest convergence”) and they are, thus, obligated to “work towards disrupting and dismantling these systems” (a “notion that racism is not an aberration”). All of this amounts to a “critique of liberalism.”


We only know this course exists because a whistleblower shared the syllabus with me in my role as vice president of Parents Defending Education, a parents’ advocacy group we created earlier this year to call out indoctrination of America’s school kids.


Unfortunately, there is an effort to silence parents, especially those who voted for Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, including minority parents, as “white supremacist” and “white power,” echoing the divisive thesis of the course being taught at Marshall High School. When four courageous local mothers did an interview with CNN last week, CNN pitched the interview as profiling “white suburban mothers,” and the sincere, courageous mothers were inaccurately turned into a defamatory caricature of “Karens,” or white women promoting racist ideas. What did the caricatures perpetuate? The same racist logic of courses like the one being taught at Marshall High School. These mothers should not be pilloried, but rather honored.


Across the country, certain progressive politicians, “equity warriors,” teachers’ unions, ideologues, and woke companies — often abetted by a gullible mainstream media — are trying to gaslight, silence, and intimidate parents by casting critical race theory as a phantom evil, fear of which has been conjured by “dark money.” 


As revelations such as Kerr’s show, however, the cat is clearly out of the bag. And the blowback is real: a full-blown rebellion by thousands of Virginia parents of all political stripes against woke school districts slipping this corrosive doctrine, and other dogmas of progressive education, into schools.


All of these folks trying to gaslight and silence us seem to have forgotten a metaphorical truth about mothers. We have eyes in the back of our heads. We can clearly see through the “woke” lies to the racism and critical race theory in the syllabus of a course like, “How to Be an Antiracist Educator.” We must return to something very simple: the Golden Rule, where we respect others as we wish to be respected.


Asra Q. Nomani is a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and a Fairfax County parent. She is vice president of strategy and investigations at Parents Defending Education and can be reached at

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