A coalition of Fairfax County parents, Open FCPS Coalition, submitted a petition with more than 8,000 signatures to the Fairfax County Circuit Court, asking for the removal of Laura Cohen from the School Board. They collected double the required signatures needed to recall Cohen.

In response to 8,000 of her constituents seeking her removal, Cohen sent out a fundraising email that made false claims that the bi-partisan group has been pushing anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and pro-book burning messaging. She even went as far as to say members of the group had been arrested for disorderly conduct. None of these claims are true.

“The effort to hold the Fairfax County School Board accountable is far from over, and the enthusiasm in Springfield to oust Laura Cohen can be seen in the over 8,000 petition signatures gathered,” said Dee O’Neal Jackson, founder of Open FCPS Coalition. “Cohen’s reaction to send around a lie-filled email shows that she is not in her position for the right reasons, and not willing to even consider certain thoughts from parents. We hope the court recognizes the concerns of these 8,000 residents and requires Ms. Cohen to explain why the concerns of these parents are invalid.”

O’Neal Jackson continued, “For over 18 months, the Fairfax County School Board has focused on every political issue of the day, and in turn, has not focused on what’s best for our students and families in Fairfax County. For 18 months, the school board has failed our kids, especially those with learning disabilities. Any time someone points out these faults, their reaction is to attack that person rather than consider their thoughts and ideas.”

Open FCPS Coalition is a bi-partisan, grassroots, volunteer group of concerned parents and citizens from Fairfax County. The group was formed in late 2020, and its aim is to hold members of the Fairfax County School Board accountable and to keep politics out of our schools. This past summer, the coalition gathered signatures from other concerned citizens in the Dranesville District of Fairfax County. More than 5,000 residents signed that petition, a major milestone considering the small size of the area. The group has now done the same in the Springfield District, gathering and submitting more than 8,000 signatures.

For further details on this effort, visit: https://openfcpscoalition.org/

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