Reset180, a Christian nonprofit dedicated to fighting modern-day slavery and human trafficking, held its annual Keys to Freedom fundraiser event on Nov. 4. 

Channel Zelaya, a volunteer with Reset180, says the organization’s work is split into three main categories: prevent, disrupt and restore. 

To help prevent trafficking Reset180 hosts many presentations throughout the year to help community members understand what trafficking is, how to identify it and how to report it. According to Zelaya, education is a big piece of Reset180’s work. 

“We have a duty to educate ourselves so we can better advocate for others,” she said. 

In order to disrupt trafficking Reset180’s outreach teams work to connect with victims and perpetrators of trafficking to help them understand how they can break the cycle of trafficking. 

“We often go to possible spots of trafficking and speak to potential victims,” explained Zelaya. “A lot of them don’t understand that they’re victims.” 

Reset180’s restore pillar is dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives after being trafficked. They offer support in finding shelter, clothes, toiletries, counseling, and other necessities. 

Kim Luckabaugh, the executive director of Reset180, shared that this past year Reset180 has been able to hold 17 awareness events, assisted 24 survivors, and communicated with more than 120 victims through their outreach program. 

“We have been talking about a shelter, a house, a home, a restoration, for a few years now, and it’s been a long process,” said Luckabaugh in announcing their latest project. “Last month the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved our application for this home to restore the lives of women who have been trafficked.” 

Land for this project has been donated to Reset180 by DaySpring Mennonite Church. According to Luckabaugh, Reset180 now has to raise funds and secure contractors for this project. They plan to submit site plans in December and hope to begin building in 2023. 

Keys to Freedom is the organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year. 

This year Reset180 decided to try something new. Instead of their usual gala with a formal dinner the organization created a walkthrough exhibit educating guests on human trafficking in the region and the work of Reset180. 

“This is unlike anything we’ve done before,” said Claude Jennings. “This year we created a walk-through experience designed to showcase the different aspects of human trafficking.”

The event also included presentations from Special Supervisory Agent Barbara Smith of the FBI’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force, and Jaco Booyens, an international speaker on sex trafficking.

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