This past weekend saw the Fairfax Lions women’s field hockey team take on the Woodson High Cavaliers in the finals for the Occoquan Regional Finals. The Lions made their way to the finals with a bye in round one and then by beating West Springfield last week in a 7-1 blowout win. The Lions followed that up with another dominate win over T.C. Williams High with a 6-0 game.

This was the rubber match for the longtime rivals, in 2018 Fairfax lost to Woodson in the district finals but won against them in the regional finals. In 2020 the reverse happened when Fairfax won the district championship while Woodson went on to beat Fairfax in the regional finals.

The first half of the game saw strong defense from both teams, Woodson made a huge drive at the five-minute mark but the Lions beat back the potential onslaught. The defense held tight in the second quarter and ended up scoreless going into halftime.

The second half would see the Lions have several opportunities with corners but Woodson’s defense was once again strong enough to weather the storm. After the first hour of play the game stood scoreless at zero apiece.

The first overtime would see three corners for Woodson as they threatened to break the Lions defense. Both teams were still scoreless at the end of overtime.

The second overtime would see a corner for the Lions which would allow a goal from the Lions #2 Emma Abromavage around the 10:30 mark. Unfortunately for Fairfax the referee took away the goal due to a call of endangerment play. The game would remain scoreless once again and would lead into one versus one play.

The Lions entered into one versus one for the first time this season. Woodson took the lead when #13 Gwyneth Durosko got the first goal. The Lions would have a rougher time when #11 Halley Beaudoin would get tackled by the Woodson goalie, this would get Fairfax a free stroke which was taken by Abromavage who would tie it up.  Woodson would retake the lead after a goal made by #9 Allie Maahs.

The Lions would continue to get a rougher response from the Woodson goalie when #4 Piper Rodgers got tackled, Abromavage would again take the stroke evening the score again at 2-2. Woodson’s #5 Maria Page would score and retake the lead which would be evened up again by the Lions #8 Sara Silarszka for a ties 3-3 score.

It would be Woodson’s #3 Zoe Hite would score the winning goal and win Woodson the regional championship and move on to the state tournament which will be held next Tuesday.

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