Two Fairfax County high schools took top honors in in the Virginia High School League’s 2020-2021 Film Festival. While VHSL is know by many as the organization that regulates and promotes high school sports in the Commonwealth, they’re also known for putting together academic events such as debates, esports, and this film festival.

This year films by students at Robinson Secondary School and Washington-Liberty High School took top honors at the event.

Robinson’s offering, “Fate on a Plate”, won for best film as well as the audience choice award for best narrative film. “Fate”, tells the story of a young aspiring musician who one day gets an unexpected delivery of a fortune cookie that will change his life. The musician at first resists and tries to dispose of the cookie but is unable to reminiscent to a classic episode of the Twilight Zone.

Every time the musician opens the cookie, he’s taken to a new aspiration such as becoming a star baseball player, a successful writer, and finally a successful musician. The film was starred and directed by Harry MacInnis who also wrote the story with Ryan Faddis.

Washington-Liberty’s offering, “Tub”, won the audience choice award for best experimental film. Written and directed by, and starring Maya Koenig, the film is about a woman who attempts to use a bathtub as a sensory deprivation tank in order to drown out the sounds of clicking pens, cracking knuckles, and the ever wince-inducing nails on a chalk board.

Washington-Liberty also had offerings in other categories such as “No One But Us” in animation and “The Gift” in the narrative category.

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