The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently approved to accept funding from the Virginia Department of Health to use for the distribution of coronavirus vaccine throughout the Fairfax health district.

The first amount of $500,000 will be used to help support local health districts with the costs of running the campaign in the Fairfax Health District. These funds will be used for a wide variety of necessities from hiring temporary staff both medical and non to help distribute the vaccine as well rental cost for facilities, printing and signage, transportation needs, and other various operating costs.

This round of funding come from the $14 million that the Commonwealth of Virginia had set aside from federal CARES Act funds to create a statewide program to distribute any vaccine that was approved for public use. This program known as the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign was announced on Oct. 23 by Governor Ralph Northam. 

Any funds not used from this round are expected to be returned to the state.

The second amount of $230,000 was approved by the board to be used for a program being spearheaded by the Center for Disease Control. The Immunization and Vaccines for Children Cooperative Agreement offers funding to local health districts a minimum of $115,000 to assist vaccine distribution.

Fairfax County received $230,000 in funding due to the county’s large population and the large number of community physicians and clinics. The double-sized amount was approved by the Health Department.

The funds will go to hire three staff members, two of whom will engage with community-based doctors and clinics involved in the program to find and resolve any issues that may prevent vaccines from getting to their patients. The third hire will be for a pharmacist to help with the receipt, storage, and distribution of the vaccine to patients within the clinics run by the Health Department to provide vaccinations.

The two resolutions passed unanimously and it was Hunter Mill District Supervisor Walter Alcorn who asked when the board will see a plan to distribute the vaccine.

That question was answered by County Executive Bryan Hill who explained that the County is waiting on provisions from the Department of Health and can proceed once those have been sorted out.

It was announced by Governor Northam that the Commonwealth would begin their mass vaccination campaign sometime in mid-December. That launch seems to be near as it was announced recently that the Federal Drug Administration approved the coronavirus vaccine created by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNTech for emergency use.

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