I am writing in response to the article titled Two Nova Foundations partner to bring technology to hospitalized kids at Inova Children’s, published in your newspaper on 3/19/21. I’m writing today to talk about the downsides of giving young kids technology. The inappropriate information that these kids could be exposed to and the reliance most people have nowadays on the outside world is a Before the industrial revolution, we lived in a society where families had strong social ties to their direct community. Today it is rare to know our neighbors, and some believe this is because of the distractions we have today and the need to be individualistic. The addition of technology into our daily lives has added to the disconnect that most have with their communities. Although technology given to young children can advance their education, I think these iPads should be given to the more impoverished areas of Fairfax county. Many families work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet and share their children better opportunities. Living in Fairfax is expensive, and I think adults can benefit from this more as access to the internet can help these more impoverished parents look for new jobs without missing a paycheck. Supporting our community in any manner is valid; I just think that instead of finding an obvious problem, we can look deeper into the core issues of our society.

Anna Meleski

Herndon, VA

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