Victor Cruz and Abby

Woofs! A Dog Trainer? Oh, paws! How about a Human Trainer?! One that will train humans how to pawsitively spoil a puppy like me, Abby, so I can live the mostest spoiled dog’s life? Pawingly, a good dog trainer will work to help the humans understand their dog and how to achieve their training goals. Last fall, Noah wrote several articles about adopting a puppy; working with a dog trainer is another impawtant part! Recently adopt a puppy? Pawlease visit Noah’s articles at

Barkingly, when I came to live with my humans, I was a 5-month-old puppy with little training. Paws, I was a handful, still am! As a Black Labrador Retriever mix puppy, what would any human expect? Woofingly, thankfully, my human Dad knew that, so he wasn’t too surprised. Though I think I wear him out often! Barks. Though he knows about raising a dog, it’s been a while since he’s trained a dog, has never trained a puppy, he decided to hire a dog trainer.

After asking our Veterinarian, my rescue, and a few friends for recommendations, Dad chose to work with Victor Cruz of Cruz Canine Consultants, Vic has had an interest in training canines since he was a mini-human. His parents held strong beliefs in dog training and obedience. He has always had an easy time understanding dogs and getting them to do what he wanted. He started professionally training dogs twenty-one years ago with a Northern Virginia Police Department. He has three dogs, Lucy, a Red Fox Labrador Retriever, retiring from 11-years of Police Service; Molly, a Shih Tzu; and Gracie, a Yorkshire Terrier. 

BARKS! Since I am the one being trained, I asked Vic why he got into dog training. He shares, “as a mini-human, I was in a rowboat with my parents and my father’s dog named ‘Snoopy’ whom he had for a few weeks. The boat capsized. I had a lifejacket on, so I was not in real danger, but Snoopy helped get me to shore. Since then, I have been amazed at what dogs can do without being told. We got a German Shepherd named ‘Lady’ who I did obedience training. I never had any issues having her do what I wanted. When I started training canines in the Police Department, I was able to help the Police Officers accomplish their goals with their canine partners. Seeing them meet their goals, I wanted to train more!”

Woofingly, twenty-one years ago, Vic attended a US Customs Narcotics training class with his dog “Otis” which became a Police Canine and a certified US Customs Narcotics Detection Canine. Paws, Vic went to US Customs and became a Tech Trainer assisting the Lead Trainer. Once he received his training with Customs, he started training the narcotic dogs in his unit. Barkingly, since becoming a K-9 Handler, he has taught and certified several K-9 teams. He’s attended training classes in Police Canine and Canine Behavior over the past twenty-one years throughout the United States. 

Paws, barks, why should someone hire Vic Cruz for a dog trainer? Woofs, my humans like him because while he trains the canine, he explains to them the “whats” and “whys” of what he’s doing. Pawingly, he describes how to control their dogs by understanding what their canine wants from them. This method helps in future training. 

Barks, how does Cruz Canine Consultants differ from others? Vic meets with the canine and its family to determine the training needs, especially any pawticular behavior issues. He goes to the home to work with the dog and family on training. Using the pack leader method and positive reinforcement, he teaches the canine to use their brains to correct or do what the family wants. His goal is to help the family achieve their goals. After the training, the owner and canine become more confident and happier.

BARKS! Woofs, I have enjoyed working with Victor Cruz as I start life with the human family. He hopes to get the chance to help you and your canine someday too! 

Contact Victor Cruz, Cruz Canine Consultants, K9 Trainer, 703-928-1978, Email Cruzcanine20@gmail.com

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