Dear Dr. Anderson,

At the June 17 Fairfax County School Board meeting, a local parent told school board members that political careers should not be advanced on the backs of our children. Dr. Andersen pushed back against the comment, saying it was “disrespectful” and offensive to her

We take exception to that.

“Disrespectful” is the disregard the Fairfax County School Board has shown to parents and students, not listening to us for the past year and a half..

“Disrespectful” is completely ignoring the professional return-to-school health recommendation issued in October 2020 by Fairfax County’s Health Director, Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu, and the Centers for Disease Control

“Disrespectful” are the “Lucy and the football” moments we have experienced, such as the June 2020 return-to-school survey you sent us, when we expected Fairfax County Public Schools to do one thing because board members and the superintendent told us you would and then you yanked the football out from under our feet. 

“Disrespectful” is prioritizing teacher unions ahead of the legitimate needs of kids.

“Disrespectful” is turning a graduation into a political grandstand to stir up controversy rather than the celebration the students and families expect and deserve.

“Disrespectful” is putting political agendas, like changing school names in the midst of the COVID-19 return-to-school, pushing divisive ideologies and changing school admissions, ahead of our kids’ social, emotional and academic needs.

“Disrespectful” is forgetting who you serve – the voters, parents and students of Fairfax County.

At a recent community event, a City of Fairfax councilman recalled how his young daughter had seen a city worker and commented that her father was his boss. He thought about it and corrected her. He told her that it does not work that way and that actually he works for that city worker and all the people in the City of Fairfax. He told her that, as an elected official, he was not only not the boss, but that he has 24,000 bosses – all the residents of Fairfax City. That councilman understands his position and role perfectly! We wish you all did.

You see, you are not the boss. We are! Perhaps you have forgotten that fact, but we have not. The recall we have organized to remove some of you from office is a means to hold you accountable because of concerns we have regarding fulfillment of your duties to the students -- and to us.

So, yes, there is disrespect. However, it is not coming from a concerned constituent to any of you. Instead, what is “disrespectful” is this board’s contemptuous responses to its constituents for months on end.


OpenFCPS Coalition

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