What are two things that dads all over America would love to do the most this coming summer?

Spend time with their kids ... and catch fish.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your love for dear ol’ dad, how about inviting him to go fishing (instead of the other way around).

What should you do to prepare to take dad fishing? Here are some tips.

1. Ask dad to go fishing. Dad may be unsure if you or the rest of the family wants to go fishing. That’s where you’ll surprise him - by you asking him to fish. Grab a fishing rod, make a small card, and go up to dad and invite him to go fishing this summer. Get dad to commit to a date, and a back-up date, in case it rains. It’s a great way to bring a smile to his face.

2. Do your homework. You can let dad suggest a favorite lake or river for your day out, or you can go online and find a nearby lake, pond or river to fish. You don’t need a boat to go fishing. There are many places where you can fish from shore, rent a canoe or boat, or kayaks. Some parks even rent fishing rods and reels for those who don’t have them.

3. Go to where the fish are. All dads want to think that catching fish was their idea. So of course, to ensure that you have a great day on the water, you’ll want to go where the fish are biting. If you’re not sure, call up a local fishing tackle shop to find out where to go, or go online to a local fishing magazine website for their latest fishing reports.

4. Give dad a proven fish catcher. You’re going to need fishing lures to catch fish, so make sure to give dad a proven fish catcher.

5. Pack dad snacks. Dads love their snacks every bit as much as their kids. So, don’t forget to pack a sandwich, some chips and a soft drink. Meat sticks and homemade chocolate chip cookies will earn you hero status.

6. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Make sure dad practices sun safety (or doesn’t get sunburned) - bring along the sunscreen and have Dad apply ample amounts on his face, ears and nose.

7. Build in some nap time. A day out on the water can wear anyone out. Even dads. So make sure to allow some nap time for your dad after you get back from fishing.

8. Take a great picture. Even when you catch the bigger fish, all will be forgiven if you get a couple of great photos of dad with his fish. If he wants to hold it a little closer to the camera, go ahead and let him.

9. Laugh at his dad jokes. No doubt, you will get an earful of dad jokes during your time on the water. Rather than wince, encourage him to tell you another and enjoy every moment of it. After all, it’s Take-A-Dad Fishing Day!

10. Just have fun. The biggest mistake you could make is focusing just on fishing. Dads want to have fun, too. Maybe work in a stop at a local restaurant for breakfast. Take lots of photos and video - even if the fish aren’t cooperating. Encourage dad to share his favorite fishing stories. Whatever you do, make sure you tell dad that the most important part of this day is just being together.

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