Rod Man

Thanks to his unique delivery and distinctive voice, comedian Rod Man is definitely one of a kind. With a southern charm combined with a laid-back style, fast wit, and ability to find the funny in everyday life, he’s been making people laugh since he was a youngster.

“I always had a quality voice and could find humor in everyday situations all the time,” Rod Man said. “I have two older brothers and I was the funny one in the family. I always had something to say and knew it was important to have a voice in this world.”

So, it was no surprise when he took home first place as the winner of “Last Comic Standing” in Season 8.

Since taking home the coveted comedy crown in 2014, Rod Man has carved out a successful comedy career on stage and in TV and film. He’s been featured on HBO’s “The Bad Boys of Comedy,” Martin Lawrence’s “First Amendment” for Starz and BBCAmerica’s “The World Stands Up.”

On the big screen, he’s appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy “Funny People,” and he even co-hosted a morning drive-time show in Los Angeles on Stevie Wonder-owned KJLH Radio 102.3 FM.

“Last Comic Standing introduced my comedy to a wider audience, and people liked what I was talking about,” he said. “It was a launching pad to my career, but it was up to me to see what it all goes.” 

Rod Man knew early in life that he wanted to pursue comedy. His first appearance on stage was during an open mic night at Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Club, on a Tuesday night.

“It was hosted by Earthquake, and that was the place to be Tuesday nights,” he said. “The place was always packed. You never knew who would stop in and do a guest spot. And you never really knew when you were going to hit the stage, because the list meant absolutely nothing to Earthquake.”

Like most, he couldn’t perform live much during the last year, but as 2021 got underway, Rod Man was filling out his schedule for live gigs, with one of his first appearance of the year being at the Arlington Draft House for five shows, Feb. 12-14. 

“We’re going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend, so that will be something special,” the comedian said. “I’m glad things are opening up a little more, because I needed to get back out there.”

He spent his downtime working on some YouTube videos and perfecting his cooking, and staying as creative as he could being stuck in one place.

“Now, I have a mask that fits my face, and I am ready to get out there,” Rod Man said. “I am a fan of being around each other a little bit and laughing and enjoying ourselves, as long as we keep everyone safe.” 

For those coming out to one of his shows, he previews that he’ll be talking a lot about what people have been going through during COVID times and what might be ahead.

“I’ll be talking about the new norm,” he said. “When you go into the supermarket now and have to talk through glass, and how we’re always Zooming with people now. But there will also be the old classics that people like me to talk about.”

This will be Rod Man’s first time in Arlington and he’s excited to come to NoVA because his D.C. audiences have always been good to him with “mad love.” And with five shows on the schedule, he promises that there will be differences in each.

“I like to give each show its own seasoning so there are different flavors,” he said. “Once I’ve been in a city for a few days, and I get to know the lay of the land, I learn some things that are local and I try to stay in the moment with my shows. Show 5 will be much different than show 1. I’ve been doing comedy for 25 years now, and I have a plethora of things to talk about.”

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