As we near December, winter sports are starting to come into play. The VHSL is talking to the Governor’s office to try and let winter sports start on December 7 even if the state is still in Phase 3 of reopening, which Virginia has been in since July 1.

During Phase 3, Virginia is allowed to have both indoor and outdoor sports with a limited capacity of 250 people. This includes the players, staff members, and spectators. Everyone is to maintain 10 feet apart at all times.

Throughout the past several months the VHSL has been attempting to create guidelines to allow high school sports to occur during Phase 3. After the voting on July 27, the VHSL committee decided on September 17 to use an abridged schedule for all high school sports. 

If things go as planned there will be at least five sports going on during the winter season, which includes basketball, swim and dive, wrestling, gymnastics, and indoor track. On November 6, Arlington County announced that their winter sports will be canceled. 

Hundreds of student-athletes have already had their spring seasons cut short, so those playing winter sports are holding their breaths.

“Currently, the VHSL has scheduled the start of winter sports for December 7 (basketball),” said Bill Curran, Director of the FCPS Office of Student Activities and Athletics. The other winter sports will start a week later.

Everyone will be following the guidelines from the VHSL. These rules about social distancing will be enforced by “the Director of Student Activities and Principal of each high school,” Curran explained. 

“The majority of parents in Fairfax County are pleading for their student-athletes to play,” said Melanie Meren, Fairfax County School Board Member (Hunter Mill District Representative). 

Everyone right now is trying to “prepare for everything,” said Meren. In this situation, that’s all that can be done.

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