Dear Editor,

When I cast my vote, it will be a vote for our American values, a vote for capable, compassionate leadership, a vote for democracy. My vote will be for Joe Biden.

The rule of law in America is threatened. No one individual, no matter what office they hold, is above the law. A founding principle of our nation is all are equal and all are accountable for their actions. This principle is under attack. Joe Biden, as president, will restore the rule of law.

A president has a responsibility to the public he serves. A responsibility that requires good judgment, experience and integrity. The carelessness of a president causes real damage, damage counted in lives lost. We are witnessing the human cost of such carelessness. It is time for change. Joe Biden has the experience, judgment and character to be entrusted with life and death decisions, for our citizens and for the military. Joe Biden will start the rebuilding of the future for all Americans.

We need unity. We need to come together as a nation. We are living through a period in which the leaders of our nation inflame divisions, rather than bridging them. Joe Biden is a unifier, a man known for consensus building. Joe Biden is the President who will brings us together.

American democracy is now in the hands of each one of us, of me and you and all our neighbors. When we mark our ballot, let’s restore our democracy by voting for Joe Biden.

Stephanie Sedgwick

Herndon, VA

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