To whom can we turn when we see Donald Trump planning to escape unscathed from his crimes? Should not our elected representatives find a way to hold him accountable? What follows is my plea to my congressman and senators:

Dear Sir:

Though I agonized over contacting you and words may fail me, I am so deeply disturbed by Trump’s corrupt behavior, I feel compelled to ask for your help. 

Please tell me that you will help hold Trump accountable for his crimes before and after he leaves office. I imagine you are as deeply troubled by his malfeasance as I am. But are you not also deathly afraid that if he is not prosecuted, our government will in effect be giving its stamp of approval to his: bullying tactics; reality-denying supporters; blatant lies; and denial of science and facts? Please tell me you have a plan to see this would-be evil dictator figuratively tarred and feathered. Although our society no longer condones such punishment, if any person deserves it, Trump does. At the very least, he must be publicly humiliated for the irreparable damage he has done to our air, water, natural resources, wildlife, and their habitat. Most tragically, his assault on the environment, including his 100+ rollbacks, have exacerbated climate change at a critical period in its alarming acceleration. 

Please allay my fear that Trump will depart office as a hero to his minions after his attacks on our democracy, the environment, science, and the truth.

Distraughtly yours,

John Fringer

Reston, VA

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