Everyone talks about football teams that are dominant; professionally you’ve got the Packers from the 1960s, The Steelers of the 70s, and recently, the Patriots. The high school football team that fits this description from Fairfax County is the Westfield Bulldogs.

Over the past decade, Westfield has lost only 21 games, which puts them at an average of only 2 losses per year. Westfield has also won a State Championship with a perfect 15-0 record in 2017.

Currently, Westfield has a 5-0 record in 2019, beating Woodson 53-3, last Friday. The Bulldogs have outscored their opponents 204-58 so far this season and their next game is at Home against Madison. The Warhawks will come into the game with a 4-2 record. The only close game Westfield has had so far this season was a 40-34 thriller against Lake Braddock back in week 3.

When you’ve won as often as the Bulldogs have since 2009, there are a lot of factors involved and they’re the same for any team. According to Head Coach Kyle Simmons the success of the team is due to consistency, “We’ve used the same playbook for offense, defense and special teams since 2000 (Simmons first year with Westfield as an Assistant Coach),” he said, adding “Since we know our plays so well, it’s easy for us to make adjustments when needed, also, the kids we’ve worked with are always working hard.” Another key factor that Simmons mentioned was the support from the school and the Chantilly- area community. The last key factor for any good team is health, “Our kids have really bought into the weight room, most of them have that as a class which helps to prevent injuries allowing us to get stronger during the season.” Simmons said, also mentioning that, “A little luck always helps too.”

The way this consistency is maintained is a mindset of, “talking a lot about where we want to be, not where we are,” Simmons said. This is done by committing countless hours to getting into shape, studying film, and constantly working on the craft of the game. Winning early and often can go to anyone’s head, but Simmons has another mantra, “Don’t let the deodorant of winning cover up your stink. Just because we’re 5-0 doesn’t mean we don’t stink in some areas,” Simmons concluded.

For Simmons, this is his 9th year as the Bulldogs head coach and having won States in 2017, is a peak he’d like to reach again. “I have told our players that we have the pieces to make a deep run into the playoffs. It’s a matter of getting better, staying healthy, and having some luck. Our focus should be to always get better.”

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