The Washington Liberty Generals met the Oakton Cougars in Northern Region Boys Tournament play at home this past Monday. The Generals going into the tournament with a record of 5 

The first quarter opened up with Oakton getting a field goal at the 7:35 mark which was answered by the Generals at the 5:55 mark as Washington-Liberty got a two-pointer after failed attempt at a three but was able to rebound the ball to make shot. The Generals followed that with a field goal at the five-minute mark.

There were some malfunctions as both teams were a bit loose with ball control which resulted in the ball flying out of bounds on a few occasions. There was also a questionable call on the Generals for traveling which denied them a layup. 

Oakton would end the quarter with a score of 13-8 over the Generals.

Into the second quarter Oakton gets the scoring going with a three shot after some failed attempts by Washington-Liberty. The Generals were getting a lot of penetration in the paint but they’re failing at as many shots as their making due to the Cougar’s defense closing in on shooters.

Some highlights from the quarter favored the Generals as a turnover and drive by Washington-Liberty at the five-minute mark results in a lay-up closing the score gap with Oakton by two points. Later a fumble by Oakton would allow the Generals to take possession of the ball at 4:09 mark to tie game with another lay-up. 

Washington-Liberty’s offensive game seems to have improved in the middle minutes of the quarter but Oakton kept hammering with field goals to keep ahead of the Generals but they would stay close on the Cougar’s heels. Washington-Liberty would play hard in the last minute to close the gap even further and had a last-minute drive but couldn’t capitalize.

Oakton would end the first half with lead of 28-27.

The third quarter would open with great passing by Washington-Liberty that would get them some penetration in the paint but not the results they wanted as they missed the shot. Oakton would break the scoring drought with a layup at the 6:09 mark but a couple of free throws by the Generals kept the score within one point which they would tie the game up later at the two-minute mark.

Oakton would have a last-minute scoring burst to pull their lead further ahead by four points but the Generals managed a last second shot to cut that lead in half as Oakton lead 39-37 O after the third quarter.

Going into the fourth quarter Washington-Liberty would close the gap again to tie game after just one minute of play. The Generals continue to stay on Oakton’s heels as the Cougars momentarily regain the lead until Washington-Liberty ties it up again. The Generals would soon have a point burst of their own pulling ahead with a seven-point lead in less than 20 seconds which left Oakton now chasing the Generals with a three-point deficit at 1:55 mark.

Oakton made last second attempt at a field goal but missed allowing Washington-Liberty to claim their first win in the tournament in a tight game with a score of 55-52.

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