Last week saw the Washington Liberty High Generals faced off against The Langley High School Saxons in Men’s Varsity Basketball action. 

The first quarter action began with the Generals stealing the ball from the Saxons mere seconds after the game began. While Washington-Liberty didn’t score it did wake Langley up and both teams geared up to play hard. 

There was a lot of up and down the court action but not much scoring until the five-minute mark when the Generals got the first basket. Langley responded mere moments later with a field goal to take an early lead. There were some hitches early on in the quarter, passing flubs would lead to a ball scramble at the 3:53 mark and the passing mistakes at times made it seem like the teams were in a particle accelerator.

Both teams would tighten up which would lead to Washington-Liberty tying the score with a three-point shot at the 1:38 mark. But once again Langley would respond in kind with a three-pointer of their own to take back lead.  At the end of the first quarter Langley would lead 10-13.

The second quarter was an almost mirror image of the first as Langley stole the ball from the Generals but the Generals took it right back which would result in a foul in the paint on Langley. Washington-Langley had a chance to tie it up 6.35 mark but unfortunately blew two free throws. But the Generals did stop and took the lead at the 3.55 mark.

Passing had tightened up with both teams but a steal by the Generals at the 2:56 mark allowed them to widen their lead over Langley. At the 1:05 mark Langley started to close the point gape with Washington-Liberty which resulted in an 20-19 lead for the Generals at the end of the second quarter.

Third quarter action saw the Saxons momentarily retaking the lead at the 6:51 mark with a two-pointer in the paint, but the Generals would retake the lead a few seconds later. Langley kept chasing and came close tying the game up at the 6:00 and 2:25 marks before Washington retook the lead at the 1:50 mark. The Generals would continue to widen their lead which would be 37-30 at the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter would see harder action and more scoring as the General’s lead would go into double digits for the first time in the game at the 7:20 mark. The playing got harder and unfortunately one Langley player got hit hard and had to be taken off the court.  The high scoring continued in the quarter and would lead to Washington-Langley getting the last shot of the game for a commanding win with a score of 55-46.

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