Field Hockey

Region 6A North Champs!

In the Northern Region Division Six Field Hockey Championship, Fairfax turned back Langley 1-0 - to claim their second title in the past three seasons.

The host Rebels scored in minute three of the first half (57 minutes remained in the contest) when senior co-captain Emily Deivert put Fairfax on the board.

In the title game (November 3rd), Deivert commented following the hard fought contest - "Molly Tenerelli passed it to Sydney Keating. I was able to tip it off of a defenders stick - following the pass from Sydney - and it went into the back post."

The game remained 1-0 throughout the first half as well as 1-0 for the duration of the second half.

Rebel head coach Amber Beaudoin (16th season) also commented afterwards - "Regarding the [decisive] goal - we played the ball through the middle and we got a penalty corner. It was a great pass from Sydney and Emily finished it off."

Fairfax recorded five shots on goal/eight corners and junior goalkeeper Jessica Mukai recorded three saves. Langley recorded one shot on goal/four corners and junior goalkeeper Caroline Britt recorded three saves as well.

The Rebels improved to 24-0 on the season (and have now qualified for the State Tournament in four of the past six seasons).

Coach Beaudoin further commented - "Langley (coached by veteran Jennifer Robb) is very fast and quick and they hit the ball so hard. Regarding Rebel field hockey - we have a very good work ethic and we are very tenacious."

Both the Northern Region Champion Rebels and the Northern Region Runners-ups Saxons will participate in their respective State semi-finals contests November 11th in Virginia Beach.

(Rebel seniors: Deivert, Tenerelli, Lauren Bennett, Jillian Creel, Sami Robertson, Eve Boggs and Patty Murphy).

(Saxon seniors: Jackie Kotoriy, Sara Schlerping, Aya White, Kendall Raymond, Marina Smith, Annie Lalor, Marina Carlucci and Anna Park).

Annandale High School (coached by veteran Cindy Hook) received the "Sportsmanship Award" for the 2016 season.

The following 15 players earned All-Tournament: (*senior) - Fairfax: Deivert*, Murphy*, Shannon Kelly and Alexa Brzezynski; Langley: Scherping*, Kotoriy* and Alyssa Glusica; Robinson: Lex Walsh and Hannah Choi; Madison: Maddy Cybulski* and Emma Satterfield; Herndon: Meghan Graby*; Westfield: Mackenzie Karl; West Springfield: Mary Ormsby and Osbourn Park: Amber Attreed*.

In last weeks (Nov. 1st) semi-finals: Langley defeated Madison 1-0 and Fairfax defeated Robinson 1-0 (OT).

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