Farewell Angelina

Farewell Angelina: "We are so excited that our music video for ['Ghosts"] has been in the top 3 music videos on CMT 12 pack for 4 weeks in a row now!" The band is performing at Herndon Festival this Saturday.

“A band of longtime friends, Nicole Witt, Andrea Young, Lisa Torres & Ashley Gearing all met pursuing their dreams in Nashville, Tennessee. Each deeply respected and admired one another while they were building successful solo careers, touring and recording with top artists, and writing songs for some of country music’s biggest hitmakers. When they heard the undeniable magic of their voices together for the first time, they couldn’t wait to take their show on the road. Major opportunities soon followed, including singing the National Anthem for Thursday Night Football, The Unbridled Eve Gala for the Kentucky Derby, the ACM All-Star Jam and the Albisguetli Schutzenhaus Festival in Switzerland,” reads their press release.

Farewell Angelina is performing at Herndon Festival this Saturday, so Fairfax County Times had this Q&A with the band members, hoping to give you a taste of this country group.

What made you choose the name "Farewell Angelina"?

FAREWELL ANGELINA: “Farewell Angelina” is a song written by Bob Dylan and recorded by Joan Baez. We wanted to name our band after a meaningful song with a female name in it and after some research decided on this. It has a nice ring to it and was something all four women agreed would represent all the different tones of our band.

I would love to know about the moment the band discovered "the magic of their voices together for the first time."

FAREWELL ANGELINA: This band has been a wonderful evolution and true sisterhood over the past four years. We all have such distinct and unique voices on our own and together create a really cool blend. We all take turns singing lead to let each voice have its moment and then switch around parts to constantly create new sounds. The first time we sang together it was true magic and made us realize we had something really special.

How do you support each other? How can you describe the personality and character of each one of you?

FAREWELL ANGELINA: We spend a ton of time together on and off the road so we have become family. We each have distinctly different personalities and talents but are still very similar at the same time. We all love to help bring those talents to light every night during shows and can each contribute something really cool.

You wrote, "Two things get better with time, women and wine." How do women get better with time?

FAREWELL ANGELINA: As women, we love to empower each other and other women we meet. Being able to bring women (and even men) together with our fun song “Women & Wine” can be a refreshing musical treat in a world full of a lot of judgement and negativity.

Does your song "Ghosts" tell us about America's interest in ghosts?

FAREWELL ANGELINA: You’ll have to listen to the song to find out! You can stream it on all platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music & Amazon Music. We are so excited that our music video for it has been in the top 3 music videos on CMT 12 pack for 4 weeks in a row now!

Can you share a special memory with country music fans?

FAREWELL ANGELINA: We try to create special memories every single night with our fans. Every show can never be re-created and will never be the same. That is the beauty of going to a live concert and what we love sharing with music lovers every single day! Come to a show to find out!

Tour schedule is located on www.FarewellAngelinaMusic.com

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