Dear Editor,

My perspective comes from a background in mitigation of high level defense and security operations for the Headquarters of the Department of Defense, and invited to. The core complement I have for the overall event can be summed up in the following statement in the briefing document, “During this simulation keep in mind that we are to operate in an environment of kindness with the goal of getting to “yes” and having a “Good Hello and Good Goodbye”.

The focus on civility, and positive character traits is the driving force for true success. I say this as an outsider to these two organizations. The tremendous preparation and documentation represent excellence in knowledge and effective communication. It was well prepared and well transmitted to the stakeholders. During the event, there was effective messaging/communication on the milestones for the event. My interaction with key individuals from both ARRL and Red Cross was positive and left me with the resolve that they were both very capable, and have tremendous character. After the end of the event, there was a request for comments/review of the event, and I wrote a very positive review, as it is well deserved. 

Dave Minyard

Vienna, VA

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