Life itself can be a very fascinating and emotionally satisfying. It is a ride that inspires. Especially when you’re a part of a working community that is always changing in a way that allows you to always reach higher and higher levels of success.

Enter Mrs. Angela O’Brien Alfano who’s been a part of the Sports Media world since her days at Westfield High School almost a decade and a half ago. Recently, Alfano received the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism, and Mass Comm. John E. Drewry Young Alumni Award. As well as the PR News “Rising Stars 30 and Under” Award in 2017. But for Alfano, the journey was just as much fun as winning the awards that have followed.

For the longest time, Alfano had always possessed an interest in sports, dating back to her high school days on the Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams at Westfield. However, Alfano had a different career in mind during that time.

“I started off as a Journalist at Westfield,” she explained, while also adding that, “I’ve always had a passion for sports, I loved the camaraderie and the teamwork aspect of it, and the best way for me to continue enjoying it was to join the media aspect of sports.” She explained.

One of Alfano’s earliest examples of the fruits from her labor was when she won the Fairfax County Outstanding Sports Journalist award as the sports editor of the student paper at Westfield. That was only the beginning of her journey.

Upon graduating from High School in 2006, Alfano’s career really started to heat up during her Sophomore year at UGA. “I was looking any way that I could get my foot in the door,” Alfano explained, so she started working with the Sports Information Department at UGA. She also attended Georgetown in DC earning her Master’s degree and Interning for the Washington Capitals.

This led to her Interning and then working full time with the Washington Redskins, working in Corporate Communications. But this was only the beginning of her professional career in the world of Sports PR.

From that point on, Alfano’s career was thriving, after working with Washington, she continued to work with the NFL in NYC and handled the press conferences for Super Bowls 48, 49, and 50. Alfano also worked with the Tough Mudder amateur race in Las Vegas before settling into her current job as the Director of Corporate Communications for the MLS in NYC. While Alfano has enjoyed a very successful career up to this point, she still feels that there’s so much more to accomplish.

“I hope that my story can inspire other women to try to break into this field,” Alfano stated. Adding that, “You should always try to break through the glass ceiling, you should never reach a certain peak and stay there. You should always try to get bigger and better every day.”

The past few years, Alfano has been trying to do just that, by giving Sports Journalism seminars at her former schools in Georgetown and UGA. “You have to be your own advocate to make it in this world,” said Alfano, adding that, “There’s no limit to success, you’ve got to keep going no matter what.”

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