The Four Amigos.

July 13 was a day of celebration for the Vienna Woods Swim & Tennis Club. It marked the 60th anniversary of the pool that has been a part of so many generations. It also marked the return of The Four Amigos, the 11-12 Boys swim team that still holds the record for the 25m (82ft) Relay. Now, the Four Amigos led by James ‘The Jet’ Dickson came back to do an exhibition relay to see if they could beat the current 11-12 boys. However, the distance has been shortened to 75ft, but that didn’t matter to the swimmers or the attendees.

This wasn’t the first reunion for the Four Amigos, these men attempted to race the 11-12 Boys team in 2015. Despite being beaten in 2015, the Amigos were optimistic about their chances, “They won’t know what hit ‘em,” one of the amigos said before the race. At the end of the races from the swim teams from Vienna Woods and Donaldson Run they got their shot. Despite the fact that it was an exhibition race and that the amigos fell short, they still came awfully close to their mark from 2015.

“I was on the first swim team back in ’59,” explained Dickson, who would go on praise the camaraderie of the kids in the community: “They always obey their coaches and never get into any trouble and work hard, just like we did as kids.”

It is true. The swim teams have been a tradition for decades, and the amigos are simply legends in that history.

However, there is something more valuable than athletic glory in the eyes of Dickson and his childhood friends. The unbreakable bonds they created 60 years ago when this all began for them and the community. “We swam together from age 8-17,” Dickson explained, “It was a great way to grow up,” He concluded. When asked if the amigos would ever race again, Dickson said, “No, today was our last ride in the relay, but we’ll always still swim to stay in shape.”

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