The desire to win is a common trait amongst athletes; some have a stronger sense for that than others. Flint Hill Senior Sydney Reed is one of those athletes that never settles for being good; she wants to get as close to perfection as possible. As Reed herself put it, “I hate losing more than I love winning.” Reed has been an avid Volleyball since age 11 when she watched her idol Destinee Hooker in the 2012 Olympics. This would be the catalyst for a very successful high school career and the start of a promising future.

Hooker’s performance in 2012 did more than inspire Reed to simply play volleyball, it gave her the blueprint for winning. “I loved watching her play,” Reed explained, “Her energy on the court and the decisions she made inspired me to be as good of a player as she is.” One of the ways she stays in shape is early morning workouts with her Father at 4am. “I started training in the morning because I wasn’t happy with how I was playing and my Dad was willing to help me,” Reed explained. These training sessions started last year, when Reed was already a solid player. The desire to get better is always a mark of a star athlete in the making.

Reed has been going to Flint Hill since 8th grade and joined the Varsity Volleyball team her Freshman year of High School. “It was a little intimidating at first, but after a few games I gained more confidence,” Reed explained. She added that, “My coaches and teammates gave the reassurance that I belonged out there,” Reed said. Since Freshman year, Reed has gotten 1,000 digs, kills and 250 aces. Which has helped Flint Hill win 2 Triple Crowns in the past few years. So far this season, Flint Hill has won the Flint Hill Invitational Tournament and Metro City Championships. Reed is now two thirds away from achieving another Triple Crown before graduating.

Last Monday, Flint Hill defeated St. John’s 3-0 to win the Metro City Championship before starting the playoffs. Reed was beyond excited about the win claiming that, “It was an amazing feeling, not only did we win our second championship in 2 days, but we swept a good team.” Now the only thing left for Reed is to win another State Championship. That would, “Top off a great season, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, it would only be right to end the season with a Triple Crown.”

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