Last month, Forward Susan Dillinger of Clifton finished her soccer career at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. During her time with the team, Dillinger appeared in 60 games, starting in half of them. She has scored 24pts on 9 goals and 6 assists, (She scored on 1 assist this past year) in her career. That assist, helped the Quakers defeat Sweet Briar College 8-0, one of the season’s highlights.

There were many highlights during Dillinger’s career; in 2016, she scored the second most points with 3 goals and 2 assists. She would rank third in this category the following year and fourth in the same area this past year. Dillinger also managed to be a two-time Guilford Student-Athlete Honor Roll member. She played Soccer at Fairfax High School under Coach Gino Leon and also played for the Lee Mount Vernon Club for 10 years.

“I started playing when I was 8,” Dillinger explained, adding that, “I played up to freshman year at Fairfax and then I took a break.” She also swam as a kid, but she chose soccer over swimming. Dillinger took a two-year hiatus due to an ankle injury that required surgery. She wouldn’t go back to soccer until her senior year of high school.

On the academic side of things, Dillinger will leave Guilford with a degree in cyber and network security. She is also a double minor in criminal justice, art and has also joined the school’s swim team for this season. “I decided to go swimming again since the Soccer season is over,” she said. However, she sees her future as more academic than athletic; especially when it comes to her technology-driven majors. “I’ve loved working with computers since I was kid, I had fun taking them apart and fixing them,” she said.

But Dillinger still holds her years as an athlete dear due to the highlights off the field.

She says her personal achievements were the true highlights of her athletic career. “The biggest thing I take away from sports are the friendships I made,” Dillinger said. She also noted that being on the soccer field has given her one other gift. She also appreciates soccer and swimming for instilling in her the mindset of never quitting. “Being an athlete has taught me to always work hard and to never give up,” Dillinger said. This mentality is the heart of a true champion, regardless of what sport you play, or what dreams you may have. Susan Dillinger knows this and she’s ready to show the world what she can do once she walks out of Guilford this spring.

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