Last year, the South County Stallions barely made the playoffs and only managed to get as far as the second round. This year is a different story as the Stallions have stomped out to an impressive 8-0 start. No team has even come close to handing South County their first loss as the Stallions are winning by an average of 33 ppoints per game. The Stallions have also had two shutouts this season against Robinson (58-0) and Woodson (44-0). Both teams were playoff contenders last year. Woodson was the team that beat SoCo 20-10 in the playoffs last year. The Stallions’ obliteration of the Rams happened last Friday.

This promising season started off with a 28-6 win against Woodbridge on the road, and things would only get better. South County’s defense has only given up 73 points this season, which averages out to only a little over 9pts a game. Last year South County gave up an average of 12.8 points per game, (including the playoffs). The Stallions have also racked up 337 points of offense this year. South County’s high-powered offense will square off against Fairfax this Friday at home. The Rebels only have a 3-5 record going into this week’s matchup. Things will only get more challenging after that for South County.

The only team that gave South County any trouble was West Springfield, who may have lost two scores (35-20), but they lost by the least amount of points compared to SoCo’s other foes.

After Fairfax, the Stallions will have two tough games left to close out the regular season. They play Lake Braddock in week 9, then they conclude the season against Westfield. Both games will be on the road. Westfield is still undefeated, and if both teams go into the game with perfect records, that would be the hottest game in town that week.

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