Fairfax County parents and children were recently treated to an open house event for the St. James Sports & Entertainment Center in Lorton.

Somewhat hidden on the backstreets, The St. James is a state-of-the art facility that opened a year ago and offers a lot for a fitness center. The building has basketball courts, weight rooms and even a field house big enough to encompass an entire football field.

The Fall Sports’ programs officially begin on September 2nd and they run through the next few months through December 22nd.

Athletic Director Melissa Coyne is very proud to be involved.

“The building we have and the great staff that works here is a huge accomplishment for us,” she said during the open house earlier this month. She went on to say that, “We’ve got former professional athletes running some of the programs here.” One of these programs is run by former NFL star Adham Talaat who was an All-American at Gallaudet among many other accolades.

The St. James also has club teams that play in leagues and travel around the country for games and tournaments. “Everything is organized by us and all of the athletes train here,” Coyne explained. She added that these leagues can also get, “very competitive,” but emphasized that it’s still all for fun.

The St. James also hosted a Red Bull Sponsored Basketball Tournament a few months ago, to setup a 3-on-3 Basketball squad for the next Summer Olympic Games. It’s been said that ‘Sports can bring people together’ and St. James has been doing that for over a year already, with no sign of slowing down soon.

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