The Playoffs began last Friday and featured another matchup between two Cross-Town rivals.

Lake Braddock faced off against the Rams for the second time this season. These two teams met in week 6 at Robinson where Lake Braddock won 42-27. The Rams came into the game with a 5-5 record after a 2-game winning streak. But their season ended on an embarrassing 42-14 note in enemy territory.

Much like the first game between Robinson and LB, the score was close at halftime, 21-14, at first things seemed competitive. Lake Braddock started off the game on defense and forced an interception on Robinson’s first throw of the game. The Bruins then cruised down the field with Senior RB Joe Murray and drew first blood. This score would be his first of 3 TDs on the night (2 rushing and 1 receiving).

After going up 7-0, Robinson responded by tying the game. Robinson would give up 14 points before cutting lead down to 7 before the half.

Lake Braddock came into the game with an 8-2 record, but this was a week of redemption after losing to South County 40-29. The Bruins were dominant throughout most of the first half and the entirety of the second half. It wasn’t only the offense that was dominant, as the Bruins defense forced 4 interceptions from Robinson. This week, the Bruins travel to Mount Vernon to take on the 10-1 Majors.

Most of Lake Braddock’s success this season has come from their offensive and they’re just getting started. According to Murray, “We’ve become a more balanced team,” pointing out that the team’s success lies with the O-line. Especially when it comes to the run game “Our linemen fight like it’s their last play and open up big holes for me,” He said. Murray’s rushing attack also makes the offense even more dangerous with its passing attack. But as Murray pointed out, their running game can be just as potent too. “If we can combine our running game with the passing game, then teams won’t be able to stop us.” Murray concluded. The Bruins are just 3 games away from States, if this team can stay consistent, the dream of going to States may become a reality.

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