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It has come to the attention of the Fairfax County Times that the original version of this article, published November 25, referred to head coach Kirsten Stone as Kirsten Roller. This has been corrected.

In a few weeks, High School Basketball will come back into play around Fairfax County. The Madison Warhawks are ready for another shot at glory on the court. The Girls team won districts and are Co-State Champs with The Edison Eagles. The Boys team won second in the district tournament and made it to the Regional Semi-Finals. 

Practice starts on December 7th, the season opens a week later and runs through February 20th. The season's shortened to 14 games instead of the standard amount. The girls soared to a 28-1 record during the 2019-2020 season.  "I do not know if we can have a better season. We are working hard to be ready to compete on December 7th," Head Coach Kirsten Stone said. 

Even with a shortened season, the girls are ready to roll. While also bonding in the process. "With this crazy year we are just enjoying being together," Stone explained. The assistant coaches are running the workouts three times a week. As a precaution, the players are not allowed to be maskless unless they're getting water. 

The team is excited about the season. But they're unsure about the future. Stone said that, "As things continue to worsen, the girls keep asking me what I think." Adding that the time spent together is enough. "Even if it is a few practices being with the girls and in the gym brings us all a lot of happiness." Stone concluded.

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Lara Croft

The Madison Varsity Girls Head Coach is Kirsten Stone. Not Roller. I think Roller is the Boys coach. [sad]

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