Dear Editor,

For two weeks, I have been waiting for replies from Sen. Barbara Favola and Del. Kathleen Murphy to my question about their leadership.  They have not responded to several inquiries, not even with a standard “thank you for your email” message as often is the case.

I wanted to know how they would answer the July 27 headline of an editorial in the Richmond-Times: “Where is the Leadership?”  The editorial cried out for a response from our elected officials to the mayhem, violence and wanton destruction of property and vehicles in the streets of Richmond, which followed peaceful protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.  

Richmond hasn’t been the only target of violence.  Lynchburg and Virginia Beach have seen protests turn violent, too. 

Why are my elected representatives not denouncing the violence?  Sen. Favola and Del. Murphy, where is YOUR leadership?  

C. W. Trauernicht

McLean, Virginia

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