You’re never too young to make a difference in this world; anyone can make a huge impact.

For a young northern Virginia boy named Matteo Lambert, the change he’s trying to make is to raise money for the charity ‘Hopecam’ which helps kids with Cancer.

The charity helps these kids by giving them webcams to keep up with their classes and friends from afar. Starting in April 2018, Matteo began running for the cause, but his inspiration began a year before. According to his father Brandon Lambert, “One day Matteo said he wanted to run a 5K, which was crazy at first for a kid his age.” The rest as they say was history.

Matteo’s current endeavor started with a video project that Matteo did about local heroes. He got introduced to the founder of the charity while he came across Hopecam while working on that initial assignment. That fateful meeting was what sparked Matteo’s desire to represent the cause by running for those in need.

For over a year now, Matteo has been running 5k’s all over the country to earn money for the Charity. His exploits didn’t become well known until recently, when Cubs player Anthony Rizzo hit his 20th Home Run on the same day that Matteo ran a race in Chicago. Matteo then issued a challenge to Rizzo to sign the ball and auction it off for the cause. This was the first time that Matteo’s cause received major media attention.

Matteo ended up jogging in the 10K race since the 5K was cancelled due to heat, but the temperature dropped to the 70s on the day of the 10K. Matteo finished in the top 3 percent of the runners in the race. He also caught attention for being the youngest participant in the event. This race meant a lot to Matteo.

As his cause got more attention and support from others, Matteo’s father had only one thing on his mind.

“I wanted to make sure that Matteo stayed modest,” he explained. “I don’t want him to get too caught up in the attention he was getting instead of focusing on helping the kids,” headded.

“The best part about this is helping other people,” Matteo explained in response to his father’s concerns. When asked about which race was his favorite, Matteo did not hesitate and answered with, “St. Louis, because of the kid I was running for,” he said.

Matteo and his father are both on the same page and they know that the cause is more important than the personal attention they’re getting. Even at the age of 9, Matteo is showing a lot of promise to becoming the good man every boy strives to be one day.

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