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WOOFS! Barks! Bringing home a pawingly cute furball of everlasting cuteness is one of those pawsome blessings humans enjoy, paws, but sometimes forget about responsibilities. A few weeks ago, I pawed about making resolutions to your pet to take care of them. Pawlease read my previous articles at WOOFs! A crucial part of owning a dog in a community is making sure it becomes a good member and neighbor. Barks! 

Barkingly, I love our subdivision with its sidewalks and trails where I can walk my human. Whenever we go out, I like taking Dad on the trails exploring the area, and giving him time to enjoy nature. WOOFS! Paws, as you might expect, I usually have to do my “business” and share some pawsome gifts with the universe, a natural thing you know. Barks, I try my bestest not to use a neighbor’s yard for my endeavors! WOOF! My human is always prepared with plastic bags! Barkingly, Since I do not have opposing thumbs, he knows it’s his responsibility to pick up the items I made and properly dispose. What do I mean by properly dispose? It does not mean dropping it wherever we are or in the street, especially if we are walking by someone’s house, for someone else to pick up. It does mean putting my gift-wrapped package in a trash can, not your neighbors, but yours. Some neighborhoods have trashcans throughout popular walking areas for proper disposal. 

Woofs, this topic has become a bit controversial where I live. Growls, many humans do not like for dogs to walk in their front yards bordering the sidewalks. If I could speak human, I would ask the question, “do you know how cold or hot the sidewalks get? Check them out barefoot.” Paws, I understand humans want their yards to look nice as mine works diligently to maintain ours. Barks, though, the problem isn’t that as it is when humans permit their dogs to do their business on their property without picking it up! WOOFS! It’s the law to pick up your dog’s “gifts” to society whenever and wherever they happen. Doing their business and not picking it up creates a dislike between humans and humans with dogs or against dogs alone. As I walk my human, when we pass by a neighbor’s yard, he uses the command “not in the yard” to keep me from doing my business there. Barks, not to mention, some jurisdictions have laws to punish humans who allow their dog to do their business on private property! 

Barks, have you ever been awakened at night by a neighbor’s continually barking dog? Only to get up, determine it wasn’t anything of concern, the dog was barking to be barking? How about when you are doing yard work, or maybe these days working from home, and the neighbors dog is continuously barking? Woofs, how about the dogs who are allowed to continually bark at humans walking by their yard? Allowing your dog to bark nonstop can cause you and your dog to be disliked by neighbors.  Pawingly, sometimes dogs need to bark to alert humans of pawssible dangers, but it should be limited and not a constant annoyance. In some jurisdictions, dogs can be taken away from their humans for excessive barking. Most barking dogs just need attention or training from their humans to be good neighbors. Humans need to learn to understand why their dog is barking and how to keep it from disturbing others. 

Barks, a great way to help your dog get used to other dogs in your community is to socialize them. These days, there are pawlenty of ways to teach your dog socialization, to get along with other dogs. You can visit a dog park, take your dog to visit with a friend’s dog or take them to local dog daycare. These activities should help your dog be calmer, less likely to be an annoying neighbor, and get along with other dogs. 

Woofs, humans should take the time to learn as much as they can about dog ownership and its responsibilities. As a dog, I have had many compliments about my behavior in public places. Barks, that makes me happy and causes me to be welcomed elsewhere! 

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips, and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,,,

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